Reviews for "The Better Audio Portal"

This is so awesome.
I wonder how you were able to make a animation out of a single picture.
As I've said, great job.

RawGreen responds:

I converted the image to a vector and broke it into several layers based on what I would be animating.
Sometimes there's parts of the image where if you cut it clean off and had it move around you'd see where it's cut, so you have to make sure to touch up that area on the layer under the cut.

It's pretty much just making sure you do a clean job so no visual snafu's can happen later on.

This is great. I was almost a little bit disappointed in the end but when I realized that it will loop indefinitely I was overcome with joy.

this speaks to me on a deep emotional level


I hope this video gets him a bit more famous. XD That song is catchy for some weird reason.