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Reviews for "Antumbra"

the one minor jump asides, it was a fun ride.

Achievement unlocked: face the fear
beat the beast, and hold hope.

Vilehead responds:

Goodnight my friend. And thank you :)

A good game in terms of horror, but that is it. I was expecting more from this.

When the message "you have passed the test" was displayed, I was wondering "So this is merely a test, this game definitely have more interesting things to show me". But, nope. Point-n-click is not novelty, and I was anticipating tricky choices, thought-provoking ending and else. Say, for example, that the first monster in the game is actually the player`s lover who got transformed. Some part of the game really left the feeling that there would be no way ahead, but death, a promise I saw in his own comment on "difficulty".Yet any good games on horror should have this element.

Also, the actual playing involves too many fast-clicking. I dont know how to use the spoiler tool so I wont talk about it specifically. Yet it would make more sense if the options are not generated randomly but according to the time the player spent between each click.When I was playing that part, I was forced to fast click so that a desirable situation is shown.

Finally, some suggestions for you since you mentioned Lovecraft in your own comments. The most famous part of Cthulhu stories are not their deformed monsters, but one`s destruction brought by his/her own eagerness of knowing the truth. If this game is designed upon a story written by Lovecraft, it would have an easy escape shortly after you experience horror in the start of the game. It would lead to a normal "escape end", but is boring enough to force the player to choose to stay and find out more. The more the player explores, the more monsters he would meet and myth he would find, but this process would eventually lead to an unavoidable death. This is how Lovecraft`s stories work <:

Vilehead responds:

Ummm I don't get it. I mean, looking at the rating I see 4,5/5 stars, yet when I read your review it doesn't look like you enjoyed the game o.o
Where is that "You have passed the test" message? Nothing in Antumbra is/was generated. In the whole game there are exactly two things based on random variable: Grandpa hints and Snake reaction. And looking at your medals I see you missed quite a lot of stuff.
Well, regardless - thank you for your review and positive score :)

This is a beautiful game. I played it thoroughly several times. I'd love to see a sequel, and for you to make more work. You have a fan here! I love these games not only for the genre but because they are creepy with a plot involved. It's not just about getting scared with cheap jumpscares. There's more to it than that. I rate this 4.5, only because the lack of a mute button is quite annoying. Also, is there a save button? Because I can't find it. Dying and having to restart when you almost complete the game is too frustration, in my opinion. Otherwise, this game is great. I hope to see more from you in the future!

Vilehead responds:

Actually the lack of mute button is also part of the plan. People can always turn down their volume via OS or speakers. And I really wanted the player to play the game with the audio. I will risk saying that the audio, in this case, is like 50% of the game. Especially as at least one of the riddles is audio based. As of "save button" game is being saved each time you enter a new location or go to medals room. Lack of proper Save was also part of the design. We have been spoiled by quicksaves and what not. Being able to do any mistake and just rewind the time to the moment before - kills the tension. But don't get me wrong - I support save feature with all my heart! Just... Not in this case. Antumbra, with save-on-demand feature would loss a lot of its power. And - gosh - THANK YOU Smiley! I am so happy people value the lack of jumpscares. I think jumpscares are soooo overused these days. In both games and movies. Like the whole genre of horror is now made of jumpscares. Like they don't know how to scare people without it. Its so cheap and lazy.

Very nice game but I am stuck on the "ENOUGH" part and it's not letting me continue.
Would be very nice of you would fix this.

Vilehead responds:

Thats a bug. I asume you are using Internet Explorer right? Thats the IE kind of a thing. It handles the SFX very weird. I'll try and fix this. Try Chrome or Firefox meanwhile.

Man, I really like this start of yours, you're truly talented and got plenty imagination.
I recommend you to things:
1-stop answering all fanmails and reviews, it takes too much time, you could use on your future work;
2-try not to work alone,you will need help in this domain(art,software,legal issues,etc) from a more experienced person, I recommend you a great man from your country, mr.Mateusz Skutnik http://mateusz-skutnik.newgrounds.com/ ; www.mateuszskutnik.com
I wish you good luck,love from Romania.

Vilehead responds:

Thank you Esial :)
And yeah I know... I spend half of my day doing just this. Replying. But as much as I don't complain (because I love doing it!) it sure eats a fair share of my working hours.
You see, as I keep saying - I am a gamer first, and dev 2nd. And it often happened in my past, that I wanted to contact the creator of a game or something else. Just to say how awesome his work was. So I wrote emails, messages, twitts and what not. But the content creators rarely reply. I know its because they are busy people. Yet a little bit of me always wanted to hear a reply. But that rarely happens. Here, countless numbers of people are contacting me day and night. They all want to be noticed, and they actually are. I know that if I'll spent those couple of minutes to write back to them - it will put a smile on their face. And this is something, really. I mean its the only way I know, for me to repay some of this happiness. To say "thank you". Because I am still hyper grateful. To all of you. But I do understand that with growing fanbase, and day being stuck at 24h - the situation will only get worse. The more popular I'll become - the more messages will arrive, and the less time I will have. Which saddens me greatly. Because this relationship between me and you guys - is my fuel. If I'll cut that off - I am off too. So I HAVE to keep in touch with my fanbase. But I might have an idea how to fix that. Stay tuned.
As for Mateusz - your review made me contact him ASAP. :) But he is a busy person so its only natural if he would not have the time to take care of me. Specially as I don't have a lot to offer to such a legendary game developer. And yes, I am one of his most die-hard fans!