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Reviews for "Antumbra"

Your inner darkness is beautiful, and the light required to create this even more so. I hope things work out for you and yours. I know your name. Out of curiosity, why did grandma give me the coordinates she did one time I gave her teeth? I looked up the location. Is it a reference I don't understand?

Vilehead responds:

Thank you Rylore :)
You know, we all have some "ugly bits". Each one of us. My problem was always that i have a LOT of those. My mind is really a very... dark place to be or visit. And as everyone hide their ulgy bits - so did i, for my entire life. Leaving only few to take a look. Only those close to me.
And here i am. And i pour out all those bits. And people still accept me. The feeling of acceptence - i never had expirienced before. Not to this degree. I dont know is this a dream or a nightmare, but for sure it is something i did not expect. And i am overwhelmed.
As for Pentagon coords - just a something to fuck with players brains hehe :)

A good game in terms of horror, but that is it. I was expecting more from this.

When the message "you have passed the test" was displayed, I was wondering "So this is merely a test, this game definitely have more interesting things to show me". But, nope. Point-n-click is not novelty, and I was anticipating tricky choices, thought-provoking ending and else. Say, for example, that the first monster in the game is actually the player`s lover who got transformed. Some part of the game really left the feeling that there would be no way ahead, but death, a promise I saw in his own comment on "difficulty".Yet any good games on horror should have this element.

Also, the actual playing involves too many fast-clicking. I dont know how to use the spoiler tool so I wont talk about it specifically. Yet it would make more sense if the options are not generated randomly but according to the time the player spent between each click.When I was playing that part, I was forced to fast click so that a desirable situation is shown.

Finally, some suggestions for you since you mentioned Lovecraft in your own comments. The most famous part of Cthulhu stories are not their deformed monsters, but one`s destruction brought by his/her own eagerness of knowing the truth. If this game is designed upon a story written by Lovecraft, it would have an easy escape shortly after you experience horror in the start of the game. It would lead to a normal "escape end", but is boring enough to force the player to choose to stay and find out more. The more the player explores, the more monsters he would meet and myth he would find, but this process would eventually lead to an unavoidable death. This is how Lovecraft`s stories work <:

Vilehead responds:

Ummm I don't get it. I mean, looking at the rating I see 4,5/5 stars, yet when I read your review it doesn't look like you enjoyed the game o.o
Where is that "You have passed the test" message? Nothing in Antumbra is/was generated. In the whole game there are exactly two things based on random variable: Grandpa hints and Snake reaction. And looking at your medals I see you missed quite a lot of stuff.
Well, regardless - thank you for your review and positive score :)

Very impressive. Challenging and shows ways to think differently about how you play click adventure games. Audio cues, inapparent buttons, and various other secrets strewn about the game. I'll be honest, I'd not have figured out half of it without the walkthrough, but I did find a few things out that weren't shown in it, so I'm kind of happy with figuring those out. Anyway, this game absolutely intrigues me, rather pleased with playing it.

Vilehead responds:

That was my goal! :D Adventure games nowadays... Beside being almost extinct are very simplified. Its always a matter of finding the key and then the matching keyhole. The solution is always a matter time. And in many cases it breaks down to using anything on everything. Until it fits. That's not a way a puzzle games should be. Puzzles and riddles should be tricky, should require more of cunning rather then luck and endurance. And that's what I tried to bring on the table. In Antumbra (and soon Antumbra 2 :) ) you not only have to collect the keys and find the keyholes... But you have to figure out WHAT is the key and WHAT can be a keyhole. It forces the player to dive in, to play the game as it would be real life. You have to be yourself, not the player character. Because there is no player character. And once you let yourself think this way - you start noticing the solutions. And the world of Sorma'Ksul suddenly starts to be even more terrifying, twisted and disturbing. Because now its not you playing the game - it is the game playing you.
Thank you Aleei :) Thank you very kindly! :D

good game, very tough. only really got stuck once (needing new glasses and i couldn't see the eyes). a text based walk through would be nice tho, and maybe a way to skip stuff you've done, like that first hallway.

Vilehead responds:

Thank you bro :)

Very nice game but I am stuck on the "ENOUGH" part and it's not letting me continue.
Would be very nice of you would fix this.

Vilehead responds:

Thats a bug. I asume you are using Internet Explorer right? Thats the IE kind of a thing. It handles the SFX very weird. I'll try and fix this. Try Chrome or Firefox meanwhile.