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Reviews for "Antumbra"

This is great I really enjoyed it, I was both eager and reluctant to see the next scene, what would appear, what would happen xD And of course people would play the next part, I can't wait. It's an awesome experience + pleasing graphics and great atmosphere. Couldn't finish it now cause I don't have time but I had to write this review to encourage your game developing talent and imagination. I'll definitely be back to end it :D

Vilehead responds:

I would love to develop 2nd part. But i am not sure will people play it :( so far the score is not really encouraging. And people keep complaining the game is too hard.
Well of course its hard - its an adventure game. If i'll make it easy it'll turn into semi-interactive movie and they say its too easy. I don't understand what people expect from me :(

Yay I beat the game!!! ... But there's still stuff that's not unlocked... Youtube only gives completion assistance, and I only needed the one hint to get past that. How do we get hints for the other achievements? And is it actually POSSIBLE to save the son?

Vilehead responds:

Actually there are no hints. You just have to explore the game, see what you missed. There are many secrets and references I left here and there. For example: the phantoms in heaven. Which at once time are called Cicada, and another time they are 3, 3, 0, 1... Link the dots :) It was a planed marketing scheme but well... explore my existance. Traces i left on the web. A lot of stuff might become clear once you do so. Especialy if you follow my music...
As for the child, lemme quote grandma...
"...You have no son."

Yeah you did it, such a disturbing game. I'd say that the deepness of the game is proportional to how much you identify yourself with the madness inside.

Although I really didn't like the religious stuff (and I think it deserves a >>LOT<< more respect than people spare it these days, which is something way more cultural than individual so I can't really blame you for it), it's a really nice game overall.

And I hope thinks get better for you, dude. They probably already are.

Vilehead responds:

Hah! Awesome Now imagine this is maybe 1/4 or 1/5 of what it supposed to be. I wish my wallet would be in better state so I could work on this as I planed. It bothers me so much.
Can you imagine that Antumbra was actually supposed to be an RPG+Adventure game mix?
I wanted to add some runic spells and rituals (echo of which you can see when you try to rescue the child in the forest), health bar and quick time events. Also theres supposed to be about 130 locations... not just 27 :( I have this all wrote down as a script. I even made some graphics for it. But sadly, the clock hit me in the face and couldn't afford to work on it further. Specially as i really had no idea will you guys enjoy such a weird game. So i couldn't take the risk.
I hope the game does not offends anybody. I take religion with a grain of salt and distance. I am not a follower of any, but I am aware of how much good religion can give so I am not against.
I believe any being is free to follow his own path. Regardless of what the path looks like. As long as someone else path does not colide with my - i have nothing against.
And you are right :) When i cannot say that my pocket is filling with cash - you guys made me grow wings, on my shoulders. And this is an unspeakeable feeling. I feel like i can do anything.
First in my life, i feel i can do everything. And all thx to you.

Totally like everything about this game. Waiting for the second part!
Still have 3 medals to unlock, will try them later.
Btw, I have newgrounds sync bug - some medals achieved in game do not display on NG :(

Vilehead responds:

Ahh bloody hell. I am terribly sorry for that medals guys T_T
I promise i'll get that fixed tomorrow!
And sorry for the delay. Weekends are family time. New generation will not raise itself hehe.
So i try to make it up for my kiddo, and weekends are father-son stuff. Thats the the update is not ready - already. But tomorrow when the little guy lands in kindergarden i'll work my ass and bring you an update :D

To break it up just a little:

The graphics, color scheme, and general style make for excellent proof that quality aesthetics need not be super-high resolution; the Flash quality, slightly pixelated look quality actually enhances the feel of the game, adds to its surrealism.

Overall, however, what I love the most about this game is that elusive adventure quality; you can find plenty of iPad apps that are like, "hey, come play this! It has such-and-so and we're better than such and so!" and are a tad short of begging you to experience their work.


Instead, here is one of those games that does little to nothing to help you on the way; you die three or four times in one mechanic before you realize there's a completely different mechanic you need to close the door; you die several times in the fire, but once you figure out that you need to time yourself between water and fire, doesn't it sure feel like you've made some kind of leap -- more leap in a flash game than many make in their daily jobs in real life. Walking from one end of the hall in this game has more of that quality experience than most apps have when you cross galaxies.

Long live <redacted>!!