Reviews for "Antumbra"

Good game! Sick and twisted, but very nice and well made in overall.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you Freeborns :D

Great game! I'm stuck at the hospital for now, but I'll come back later and see if I can progress. It took me a long time to get past the second puzzle, so I get why people are frustrated. Not sure if a tip/hint after players die 5/10 times might be helpful at least for the first couple puzzles to drive home the point that the standard rules don't always apply.

I agree having a "go back one choice / go back to the beginning" option after you die or a couple check points (e.g. after you get to the beach/city) could be nice. It can be a little annoying and somewhat time consuming passing all the things you already know to get back to where you're stuck.

DroneLocker responds:

Notes taken. Thank you Green :) I love such a detailed feedback! Without such - how can I improve and expand? Thank you again!

I really like the visuals in this game, I don't usually see something this unique apart from something like Submachine. Puzzles are fairly hard but fun to figure out, I especially liked the corridor! I'm not sure if i'm getting it wrong or not, but the hint (the one in german), plugging that into Translate does not seem to properly translate the second sentence.

I look forward to coming back to this again, since i'm at a bit of a loss after the angel. (Also, that angel... ew... :)

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you EBM! :D I am glad you did not discard the game because of the difficulty and first riddle (the switch).
About the hint... Its not in german. At least, just one word is :) Figure out the rest.
I carpet bombed the game with refferences and hidden messages.
Thank you again for giving me and Antumbra a chance! I am most greatful!

Dude, this is game is causing waves! I really want to do a whole written article review, but feel it's too unfair to point out evident flaws to your "first game", and instead i am going to be praising you on what i think you have done well (and hell do i have a lot to cover). what you are doing here is revolutionary, seriously. I review tons of indie games, and am constantly being bombarded by awesome innovative and meta breaking stuff, but this, this like i said is causing waves. I spent on the excess of 6 hours playing this game. Solving the riddles, genuinely felt difficult and made me think outside the game, as if i was starring in a sort of twisted version of 'National treasure'. digging up clues and getting stuck in to something so much more bigger than me just made me feel awestruck, amazed, overwhelmed!

Aside from the best riddles I've ever solved in indie gaming history, the eerie feel to this game made it feel authentic, and i cannot praise you enough for not falling into the jump scare= Horror game 10/10 stereotype (although the first encounter with the creature can be considered a jump scare, it didn't really feel cheap) and oh my God (pun intended) did you set the creepy atmosphere, the massively melancholic, dark, taboo and blasphemous theme, made me feel sick to the stomach but in a great creepy and extremely intrigued way, like a huge fantasy, I block away but secretly crave, and that was it, from Pac-satan appearing all of a sudden to BDSM angel this sort of fed my secret desires making me feel bad but good and a whole lot more immersed.

Please, please, please do not ditch this series, make another, remaster this, carry on with the melancholic, hell twisted themes, the riddles that are immensely difficult, and the decision based layout, you have something so good in your midst right now, man i seriously would donate to helping you develop the next game ASAP. This is not a formal review of your game, but a emotion filled one.

Best wishes, Fay.

DroneLocker responds:

Oh wow. Fay. I don't know where to start. You left me speechless.
Yeah I hate jump-scares. They are sooooo overused in both movies and games. Like the thickhead designers never heard of the psychological horrors. Because the true horror is not the one that makes you jump in your chair, but the one that makes your mind disturbed, uneasy.
Like millions of tiny black spiders crawling its way into your ears when you are being paralyzed.
See what i did there? You felt that spiders, did you?
And there is not a bigger fear on this planet, then to feel hopeless. When we feel pure fear, we jump back, we escape or try to fight the danger. But when we bump something that is greater then we are. Something that makes us feel insecure, weak and fragile. Something that overpowers us on each level... This is the true fear.
I am actually thinking about something... Because, many people request me to make another game like this. But you know, the sad reality is - I am poor :( I cannot afford to work on a game for 3-4months, not being able to make some money and pay bills. So I am thinking about IndieGoGo campaign but... I really don't know where to start. I fear people will look at me as another money-grab, that tries to milk his 5minutes of fame. I don't want to be remembered like that.
But I am pretty sure Antumbra 2 would be 10 times better then 1. Not because I am so full of my self. But because in Antumbra 1 - I had maybe show 1/10 of the whole. I would just take the remaining, unused 9/10, that I couldn't include from the beginning and made a game around that. The whole story... Has not been told, yet. Fay, any advices? What should I do?
I am just little, twisted me. One person. I am not a studio. I don't have experience with this sort of things. And I really had not imagined Antumbra would explode like this. I am so unprepared. And when I know I want to continue - I don't know how.

I'm a sucker for surrealism.
I'm a sucker for point n' click adventures.
I'm a sucker for horror stuff.

Combined, this game creates the ultimate sucker-bait, and it was amazing. But more than the fact that from the start I was intrigued. The game itself was fantastic, creepy, weird as hell, and hard as shit. The fact that this is your first game is simply amazing, and I can't wait to see more from you, even if it's something new.

Antumbra 2 would be appreciated, though. Thank you.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you Shifty! :D I've actually started working on Antumbra 2 as we speak. But I am still looking for some funding, I would like A2 to be far better and polished then A1. But this takes a lot of time. And time is money.