Reviews for "Antumbra"

This is fantastic, hard as hell, and absolutely terrifying, which is the best way I can say that I love it, even if I suck at it. Excellent work.

My clicker wasn't working quite well, but, hell, that couldn't ruin this game. Definitely felt the Lovecraft in the script.

Im sorry but fuck that Archangel thing. I get stucked there is there a bug? Beacuse ım clicking more faster than SONIC.. And still nothing happens. Its too much annoying.

DroneLocker responds:

Oh I hate that motherfucker too. Cry AutoClicker. Sooner or later that shitbag will start to fly.

A really good game, but i needed to watch a guide to figure it out Jeje
I almost get al the achievements but im kinda confused.

¿What i need to do to get Astral Master Medal?
¿I need to play 6 hours followed to get the Contryman, Resident and Dweller Medals or i can play at different times?

That game is disturbing, creepy, crazy, twisted and damn insane...I LOVE IT =D
It´s like Silent Hill, it doesn´t make sense at first, but once you KNOW that there is no sense, it does make sense! X"DD

I got 16/25 medals, and i´m proud to got so many. But i have to go to the corner of shame, because i used a guide to pass through the corridor and the swamp....(i had to put my headphones of, because i can´t stand horror games where it is possible to hear screaming :"D )
I miss this archievments:
(from left to right)
Row 1: 1, 3 and 5
Row 2: 5
Row 4: 5
Row 5: 1, 2, 3 and 5

I know three of them are from playing long enough, the rest is without a clue hard to get X"D
I love that Game, i will play teh second part very soon =D