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Reviews for "Antumbra"

Very fun, the sound design fits in and compliments the graphical style chosen. For a game made in such a short time span, it is great. Also, I totally spam clicked for the moses medal. Don't judge me...

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you kindly! I promise to not to judge! :D

I think I got what is wrong with that game. It is boring.
The difficulty is fine and, actually, refreshing after tons of obviously simple adventures, the visual style is ok, but there is nothing that encouages a player to go further. Well, at least not me. After some point a question rises: yes, I could finish this, but why am I wasting my time? No interesting plot, no fun content, just pixelhunting and guess-what-the-developer-wanted-you-to-do thing. The game consists only of challenges and doesn't give anything in return to your efforts.

You said that your best tester spent 6 hours on this. Do you honestly think your game is worth it?

DroneLocker responds:

"No interesting plot"... I don't know what to say to that.
As for the last: the fastest playthrought (without using the solution) recorded to this day is 23 minutes. The longest I know of is 7 days. Is it worth it - thats not for me to judge. But looking at the number of gameplays across all platform and websites... well 200 000 people says it was.
Not bad for a game made in less then two weeks, don'tcha ya think?

Smack me like one of your French girls.

DroneLocker responds:

You have no idea, how long I had been waiting.

Ten out of ten just like Dark Souls

I don't even know. The graphical style is good, but gameplay itself is way too inconsistent and heavily relies on trial'n'error. By itself, it isn't a bad thing, since it was well executed in early Sierra games and stuff like Uninvited or Shadowgate. But again, aforementioned games, despite being relatively brutal in terms of hard puzzles and cheap deaths, had some sense of consistency, but puzzles in Antumbra are all over the place, and so are gameplay mechanics. Sometimes you need to choose counter-intuitive options to survive, but other times it will get you killed; sometimes you have to find a hidden active point on a screen, and some screens later, you find a room where doing this seems an obvious solution, but in reality, there are no objects you can interact with. Combining text and point'n'click adventure core mechanics by itself isn't the best idea, what more can I say. And it's not like puzzles in the game are that inventive or unique - most of the them feel more like a chore, since the only way to find out any solutions in many parts of the game is basically to try everything until it works. Even one of the primary ways to get legitimate hints (grinding maggots for a Tooth Lady) is a chore by itself. There are many examples of great adventure games with a lot of death scenes ("Space Quest" and "Shadowgate" are this turned into an art form) and inventive, original puzzles that require a lot of lateral thinking ("Myst" and "RHEM"). In both ways, Antumbra sadly pales in comparison.
As for the good stuff - I really like the art style, and the atmosphere is good too, even if it feels somewhat cheesy in some parts (cartoonish heart in the ending, an option to whistle in the beginning). I see a lot of visible effort here, and you have a great taste in surreal imagery, and since this is your debut project, I believe that your next games will be better and more polished c: