Reviews for "Antumbra"

Is this game supposed to know my name is John, or is it a coincidence, anyhow, it made me shit my pants, I really like it, good job!

DroneLocker responds:

Hah! Gotcha! :D I actually went throught US most ppular names in past two decades and dropped them the most common one into the game, hoping it might guess someone's name and creep the fuck out of him XD

Dronlocker, do you actually have cancer?

DroneLocker responds:

I had. Around 6+ years ago. Testacle cancer. So a protip to all guys out there - keep touching your balls lol. Thats what saved me. Quick detection. Cancer can be beaten - as long as its being diagnosed very soon. Of course - you won't avoid the the surgery and the chemo-therapy hehe. Which in many cases is worse then the cancer itself.

To Dronlocker:

Overall, I enjoyed this game, both in terms of its thriller mood and game mechanisms. I liked how you had to use your sensory skills (ex: sight, hearing) and incorporate it into the environment. I think the mechanism for solving the door and Hebur. At the same time, I felt that many of the seemingly important choices later turned outto be complete red herrings, which was a bit disappointing because the overall game took around 30 minutes to finish (excluding the time i spent farming maggots for clues).

Nevertheless, it was a good solid game, and I eagerly await your next work.


I KNOW that's a medal, but you haven't posted a walkthrough, and no one seems to have gotten it done.

Please, for the love of god, just tell me. Everyone else wants to know as well.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you Coke for this lovely review! :D
As for the dungeon monster... Well, lets be honest here - Antumbra 2 will not happen any time soon. So I can just tell some secrets here and now and no harm will be done.

Remember the right path with your "Son"? The monster IS the Son. Its a paradox that I hinted but never implemented. The monster tries to kill you. Because you left him. Because you did not saved him... And there's your son who is being turned into a monster in front of your very eyes. But the cycle could been broken. If you would manage to save your Son - the monster in the dungeons would stop appearing (because then your son would never get turned into the monster and so on).

IF you would do that - suddenly you would be able to explore the 3rd great path - the dungeons behind the monster. That would lead you to the very ending and actually that path had some functional combat (yup, you've read that right - combat) for all those people who prefer more action based solutions rather then riddles.

Of course - it was never implemented. I wanted to include all that in the sequel but the project fall on its face and then my PC pretty much blew up and more shit happen and one of my teeth fell off and... Well yeah. It failed. I failed. I've still haven't recovered after all this mess.

As for medals - no medal is linked to dungeon monster and killing it.

Ahh... If you could only know what sort of wonders I had in my sleeves... Antumbra 2 would redefine and revolutionize point'n'click adventures. But oh well. Life.

Thank you again mate :) for everything

Very fun, the sound design fits in and compliments the graphical style chosen. For a game made in such a short time span, it is great. Also, I totally spam clicked for the moses medal. Don't judge me...

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you kindly! I promise to not to judge! :D

I think I got what is wrong with that game. It is boring.
The difficulty is fine and, actually, refreshing after tons of obviously simple adventures, the visual style is ok, but there is nothing that encouages a player to go further. Well, at least not me. After some point a question rises: yes, I could finish this, but why am I wasting my time? No interesting plot, no fun content, just pixelhunting and guess-what-the-developer-wanted-you-to-do thing. The game consists only of challenges and doesn't give anything in return to your efforts.

You said that your best tester spent 6 hours on this. Do you honestly think your game is worth it?

DroneLocker responds:

"No interesting plot"... I don't know what to say to that.
As for the last: the fastest playthrought (without using the solution) recorded to this day is 23 minutes. The longest I know of is 7 days. Is it worth it - thats not for me to judge. But looking at the number of gameplays across all platform and websites... well 200 000 people says it was.
Not bad for a game made in less then two weeks, don'tcha ya think?