Reviews for "Antumbra"

Slooooooow loading.

If only this game came out in 2009-2010. I was but a young lad who was into these sort of flash games and I love this one. Any other horror flash games you recommend?

Hey, this was a really good game and I can't wait to play the sequel, but why is the Medal Check button missing on my play through? Was it removed or is this a computer issue on somebody's end?

If I had one complaint, it's the time dependent achievements. I don't see anybody playing this for six hours, but three is much more reasonable.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you kindly! Sadly... Sequel might not be made. Ever. But I am incorporating parts of it into my newest Space Exploration Horror game. As of medal - weird. You might want to clean up your browser cache from my game. It might be so you had played the game before and it didn't updated. Or had not loaded correctly. Cleaning cache + refreshing should fix that. If not - please send me a PM and I'll try to fix it ASAP :)

About the time medal... yea. I know I fucked up hehe. 7h was a overkill. But the game was supposed to be bigger when I was setting up the medals so it made sense at the time. And now, when I've lost source code of the game - there is nothing I can fix anymore :(

So weird and awesome!! Also, really liked the asdfmovie reference lol

DroneLocker responds:

Hah! I am a huge fan of ASDF movies. Glad to hear someone got it :)

Why couldnt i enter Grandma's house before?Everytime i tried i would fall on Pride again!And,today, it kinda happend out of curiosity.
Mister Locker,let me tell ya,grotesque imagery hardly will scare me,especially considering that my ayesight is hella awfull(and that i am quite the fear addict,so i'm used to it),however,i have very sharp ears.So,the sounds of this game scared the shit out of me.Interesting.The other game creators should work more on sound too.

DroneLocker responds:

I don't want to spoil it but the current position of the Eye-Shadow, in front of the house might have something to do with it ;)
And thank you :) Audio related complements are specially dear to me. Because I am originaly an a sound/music composer. So I pay extra attention to sound design. Glad to hear it pays back =)

Check my newest video. Antumbra might be coming back after all. Just... a bit changed, and in a different form :) Your ears will be delighted...