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Reviews for "Antumbra"

Mostly unexpected, and awesome. Great game dude, and I hope you really succeed at this. I'd love to see more of your work around here.

Vilehead responds:

Actually many people are suggesting for to go IndieGoGo. And i am considering it.
I am kind a scared of it too. I hate "early-access" and "pre-release" business model. I consider them scam in most cases. I also don't feel safe enough to fo this route.
Then i again... IF i could work on Antumbra 2 the way i wanted. Include all the riddles i wanted, all the juice that i had to seal and cut out due to lack of funds and time... So i am thinking. And thinking hard. I want to make Antumbra 2. The way it was supposed to be made. But i don't want to come out of this as another "cash-grab that rides the wave of popularity", if you catch my drift.
I have a very mixed feelings about this. I need to ask for some advices ehere and there...

Might as well add my playthrough to the pile. This games is insane but still fun. If you're easily offended. The creator is correct don't play it.


Vilehead responds:

Hahaha this is great Lag :D And THANK YOU - i finaly could see that infamous frezze bug. Still i have no idea whats making it appear =\ But ill check the video over and over and see what i can do.
Lag? Can you PM me yours specs? Browser/OS? That would help a lot.

Fantastic game. I loved every second of it. The only problem I'm running in to is when I meet God, and get to the part where it says, " God's eyes open wider. A shy spark...." The game freezes and I cant move any further.

Vilehead responds:

Well, what can i say - Say his name :)

Totally like everything about this game. Waiting for the second part!
Still have 3 medals to unlock, will try them later.
Btw, I have newgrounds sync bug - some medals achieved in game do not display on NG :(

Vilehead responds:

Ahh bloody hell. I am terribly sorry for that medals guys T_T
I promise i'll get that fixed tomorrow!
And sorry for the delay. Weekends are family time. New generation will not raise itself hehe.
So i try to make it up for my kiddo, and weekends are father-son stuff. Thats the the update is not ready - already. But tomorrow when the little guy lands in kindergarden i'll work my ass and bring you an update :D

A very good game, but some of the medals are still not working for me. I got the following ones in the game, but not on Newgrounds:

Snake charmer, Keen eye, getting the hang of it, saliva surfer, prideless and name vector.

Besides that it's a great game.

I could need some hints how to get the other medals though.

Vilehead responds:

It is possible they gliched. sorry for that :( I promise i'll post an update tomorrow with proper fix.
So keep your eye on Antumbra or/and me. Whenever update will be ready - i'll post a news about it :)
And thank you Ayj :)