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Reviews for "Antumbra"

the one minor jump asides, it was a fun ride.

Achievement unlocked: face the fear
beat the beast, and hold hope.

DroneLocker responds:

Goodnight my friend. And thank you :)

What to say... It was incredible.
I reach an outstand experiment of the hell while i was playing your game.
Such poetry of darkness and destructive moral... I loved it!
I think i'll follow your future work, because your universe is a rare candy to my teeth!
Allow me to offer you these 5 stars as a thanks.
However, if we want to be exigent, I think that you should try to add
more different atmospheres for the sequel.
To fright has many possibilities.
Excelent work anyway!

DroneLocker responds:

<3 Rose
Yeah I actually want the sequel to be more diverse. Creepy, sick things work wonders. But once you are bombarded by them - you grown an immunity. Antumbra 2 will still be creepy and disturbing, but i also want to add more humor and adventure/exploration. That's why it will be a lot more RPGish you know. What i mean by that:
There will be the main plot, story. Which is the spine of the whole adventure. But there also will be a lot of side-stories, that the player do not need to finish in order to beat the game. Which i find very rare in adventure games. Its like - we. gamers are used to, that if we find a key somewhere - there has to be a keyhole. Because - why would there be a key if there's no keyhole, right?
Well, I am breaking this old habits. You will find and discover a lot of things that are there just for the sake of building the atmosphere, the world. Ever played old pen'n'paper Vampire:Masquerade? Its a p'n'p RPG that has little to no stats, attributes. Its all storytelling. And in Antumbra 2 i want to emulate that to some degree. You will face quick time events, optional stuff, player character development. But there wont be any boring "levels" or "skills". Because those creates Grind. And grind - kills the game. Turns it into work, job, chore.
I will risk saying that Antumbra 2 will be the creation of my life. Because I will use all my skills, knowledge and experience to make it as good as its possible. The only thing I am worried about - will my IndieGoGo campaign succeed. And if Antumbra 2 won't put a shadow on any my future creations...

Not only the best horror game I've played on newgrounds in years, but you're also an eager and nice person, Drone. Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors (and please, I really do hope you continue with these types of games, they're immensely fun to play).

DroneLocker responds:

Wow! Thank you Rory :D I know, that at this point I start to sound like a broken record hehe But i REALLY am grateful. But if I'll manage to go anywhere from here - It'll be all thanks to you guys :)
Even know its mindblowing to me, how much courage you grant me.

Great game, ad I don't ever say this, but this is disturbing

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you kindly Rug! :D And that was the point!
Stay tooned for Antumbra 2 - it will blow your mind.

This is my first ever review here on Newgrounds but I really just had to write something. I really enjoy point and click games and I check Newgrounds every week for new and amazing ones that keep me coming back. This game(or maybe not a game) is fantastic and really kept me thinking on what to do next. First time playing it, the dungeon monster got me good and from that point on I was hooked. I have been able to obtain most of the medals, just missing three(Resident, Dweller, Astral Master), which have been such a headache to find and I might have to just avoid society and live in this game until I figure them out. Everything has been done so well and it looks like much detail when into making it. I can't wait for Antumbra 2, and there better be one because I don't want to live in a world where there's no second part to this lol. Keep up the great work, and for a first game this is simply just wow! Well I guess I'll head back to Antumbra, still NEED to find those 3 other medals. Stay awesome!

DroneLocker responds:

Oh dear... Draco.
And I don't want to live in a world without people like you.
If I would be a falcon... you would be my wings.
Some base is already being made... for Antumbra 2.
Check my profile for updates.
Soon... :)