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Reviews for "Antumbra"

It sound like a good game, but I'm also having the problem where it crashes almost immediately. Please fix or update this game.

Dude ! I heard that it's your first game ever made.. That's INSANE. This game is interesting, cool, awesome. "Smartest" Game ive ever seen (sorry for my english btw)

Its a wonderful game full of twists and turns, I'm a huge fan of point and click! Despite how horrible I am at them... but please keep up the great work and I wish the best of luck to you and the rest!

Sorry. Heard this was a great game and decided to play. Upon opening the game, I was able to make it to the second screen (the one where you have to close the metal door). It then crashed so I loaded it again. It didn't even let me get past the warning screen. The next time I reloaded, I pressed the "reset" button out of curiosity but the game went black and static started playing. Upon reloading my last few times, I can press the eye on the screen, but then the game freezes, static starts playing, and when I scroll down, the typing audio starts playing. I'll try a few more times, but I really don't know what to expect.

Once again, sorry for the bad review.

I watched someone else playing this and was looking forward to trying it myself, as it seems like the type of weird, surreal thing I enjoy. However, I have tried repeatedly to start the game, and without fail it will crash within a minute, leaving me with a frozen screen with bird noises, discordant music and typing sounds. I would love to play it, but it is literally unplayable. The furthest I got was clicking the eye in the hall before it froze again...