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Reviews for "Antumbra"

Great game, I enjoyed it although it's very special and unique experience. Still it's one of those adventure point'n'clicks which made me stay longer with it. I didn't pass it within my first about 20 minutes of playthrough but after a break and with fresh mind I suppose there came this 'enlightenment' ;) and I made it to the end within next few minutes (and I don't mean the game was easy, just overall short I suppose). So I will surely be looking out for the second part and I will hunt those last achievements I miss(the hardest part of the game :P) ( also hate those chance dependant achievment, my patience and luck are too low for that snake :( )
Pozdrowienia i powodzenia, wierzę, że dasz sobie radę ze swoimi problemami. Wszystkiego dobrego i dzięki za stworzenie tej gry.

Vilehead responds:

Thank you kindly Nach :) I am so glad that more of my fellow polish people come in here. I want you guys to feel proud. And...
Dziękuje :) Oby się udało. Może to wreszcie "to". Tak bardzo bym chciał...

I like it, nice atmosphere.
Also, did you take pride from Fullmetal Alchemist?

Vilehead responds:

Actually both FMA and I have the same source which are christian 7 Deadly Sins.
And thank you Cocky :)

Im stuck after i speak to gradma i don know where else to go ;_; help

Vilehead responds:

Below the game, in game description - is a link to Official Walkthrough video. You can also check the Walkthrough by entering medal room/screen, in game - and clicking the vertical sign "Solution". You'll find the "Solution" button in lower right corner of the Medal Screen :)
If you don't have the "Solution" button - clear your browser cache and re-enter the game.
Hope this helps! :D

not bad. the music could be better though. maybe use samples from unleash the archers (great band btw) or metallica instead of ambience.

i love the idea of this. reminds me of the bards tale for DOS. not bad at all.

keep up the good work.

Vilehead responds:

And get my ass sued? No thank you :P
Thank you Bomb :D And wow - i love Bards Tale!
Brian Fargo made it - and he is like my rolemodel.

This game despite how hard it is... BLOWS. MY. MIND. Where did you get this idea? Because this may inspire me to go back to writing psychological Lovecraftian Horror stories. I literally craved this despite I hated Dark Souls with a passion of a thousand suns. I am stuck in a area and hope that you can give me some hints. Love the art on this game by the way looking forward to Antumbra too. Hopefully Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Tobuscus, and PewDiePie play this game ;p

Vilehead responds:

Thank you kindly Deviant :D Oh gosh, I really did? PLEASE! Send me your stories :D Maybe this time YOU will be MY inspiration! I love such stories and I am a hardcore Lovecraft fanatic.
If you get stuck anywhere inside the game - I've recorded an official Walkthrough which you can watch on my YouTube channel. The link is in the description, below the game, but you also can just click the "Solution" button when being in Medal Room, inside the game.
But please, don't ruin the experience for yourself and use the Walktrhough only when you got really, REALLY stuck. The game is small, even very small. That's why the riddles are so hard. If you know the solutions to them - you can blaze through the game in matter of minutes.
And ahh... lemme quote "Grandma Fairy"...
"I dream to be recognized..."
Thank you Dev :) Lots of love <3