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Reviews for "Antumbra"

i would love to try but i cant , keep crashing after few minutes played

Edit : beat the game after a few crashes , didnt expect it has to be that way , like quite too peaceful XD

I still thoroughly enjoy this game, its just simply, ood and peculiar, and thats why I love it.

I can't believe that within the last four months, there were two people who gave this game praise with one of them saying "the graphics were nice." All you did was steal art assets from other things, probably through Google Image Search and have them become horribly compressed through Flash or whatever you used to make this pretentious "game."

To call this a special "child" to you when you shamelessly stole pretty much the entire concept behind the character Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist just proves that you're hilariously incompetent and inept at making anything.

You also didn't make anything from scratch, because a lot of the backgrounds you used for each screen are also likely just stock images lifted right off of Google. The only thing you can even really say you did was the coding, because I bring into question whether the majority of this is your own original writing and not plagiarized in some way with your ridiculous attempts at being deep or profound.

It's bad, and anyone who says it's good is objectively wrong.

i know this is a really old game but i love ?? it????
the graphics were nice and gave off a Spooky feel (aside from the mask person and the first monster that attacks you because i can find those images on google by searching scary but i dont really care-) and the dialogue was well written and it was a fun experience playing it

great game, but i crashed at the intro.
otherwise, I was scared enough to look behind me. and, yes, my house is locked with security to the brim, sure, but that means it's a great game. recommend headphones.
great atmosphere.
great game.
-roostersox. 10/10 would play again.