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Reviews for "Antumbra"

So... This game was epic! It took me FOREVER to puzzle everything out... But I did it! And I didn't even Resort to using a guide!!! Seriously though... This game was hard. Anywho I wanted to beat this game to it's fullest but I can't seem to find a few of the achievements. Now IDK if this is because I'm glitching but here are the one's I'm missing.

Dweller, Headstrong, Death Addict, Astal Master, and Resident. If someone could please point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Vilehead responds:

Dweller and Resident - are time based.
Death Addict - death count based.
Astral Master - hits in when all other medals had been unlocked.

And thank you kindly Suject :) I've promised a proper medal guide a week ago but I just couldn't find the time to record it :( So many things are happening...
E.g Antumbra 1: Lost Memories. Basically its A1 on steroids. For DESKTOPS and in fullscreen! :D
I'll try to keep it freeware. But many platforms such as "Steam" does not let the games to be freeware. So I'll be placing the minimal possible price for the Deluxe version. Just so Valve will buzz off and let you guys download and play :P Sounds good? :D

I love the way this game goes outside the box and mixes real time with what would normally be a traditional "when I don't click, time stands still" kind of game.

That being said, I have gone to "the place" and received my instructions, but after 4 and 0 length of time it won't let me go any further, even when I've had "enough." Did I do something wrong or is this an actual bug?

Vilehead responds:

Thank you kindly Navi :) I might have figured out a workaround for the 40days glitch.
Sadly it was Microsoft who screwed it up. Because I am 99% sure you play the game in IE right? (If not - PM me ASAP please).
It works like this: the weird whisper voice plays once you traveled for 40days. And then the game check if the sfx had ended. Once it ended - it let you continue. I've added this because people often accidental skipped through this part, by spam clicking "go forward" and they had no option to go back and read the text. But after my investigation, it appears that in some versions of Internet Explorer it doesn't detect the end of the SFX sample. So it never enables the player to move forward - because it thinks the SFX is still playing. I'll fix that soon. Sorry for the delay :(

This game has a representation of Cicada 3301... hmmm....... really good game though!

Vilehead responds:

What can I say? I like the idea of "hitting two birds with one stone".
Thank you Aleks :D

"What can change the nature of a man?" Regret. But if men are made in the image of gods, can the answer be the same for a god?

Short of Planescape: Torment references, which always call for a response, I appreciate what you've done here. After watching the walkthrough, I decided that your description of how the game was created is entirely truthful. It occurs to me that the reason this game is so hard is not because it's random and outside the box. It's because the path through the game reflects the processes of your mind; something most of us are not familiar with. It's actually pretty brave of you to give such an honest depiction of the things you struggle with on a personal level. As someone who has written thousands of pages about a world that doesn't really exist, wonders if it will ever be important to anyone but myself, I enjoyed seeing how you rendered your own unique world. As game , Antumbra is confounding, but as a psychological audio/visual experience it's certainly moving. A bit like American McGee's Alice.

The game is certainly hard, and the content is disturbing, but it must be seen to be believed. The graphic and sound styles are effective and unique. If there's any advice I can give on future games, it's try to make the game play a little more accessible. Challenging games are good, but there are too many puzzles requiring this stubborn sort of faith. The hallways of rattling doors, the fire (which is a speed puzzle), the masochistic archangel, the desert... it's not so much as being clever enough to find the answer, but stubborn enough to keep doing something over and over and over and believing that it will still work. A lot of players will give up and try something else, which is misleading if they were actually on the right track. Try to send the reader a bone every now and then. For example, when you get out of the water, there could be a a series of messages telling the player, "Your cloths are soaking wet."... "You seem to be drying quickly."... "Your clothes are now dry again." This would at least give the player the idea that being wet is somehow important, and that something has to be done pretty quickly if the water is to be of any use.

On the other hand, someone once described insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result," so maybe there's a method to your technique. I have to wonder how many of the things we see in this game are stream-of-consciousness and how many of them have some meaning for you.

Thanks for letting us in for a while. I enjoyed watching the walkthrough too. Some people don't like watching artists discuss their creations, but I do.

Vilehead responds:

Sorry for the delay. Thank you Madman. And for the nickname alone you got yourself a can of best polish beer - just tell me whenever you will be passing by and we'll have one, two or more :)
What can change the nature of man? Another. Another man.
Then what can changed the nature of a God? A mortal man.
Willing to replace the God on his throne. And the God - willing to be replaced.
I agree with pretty much everything you've said. Antumbra, is like a tutorial for me. Tutorial of making games. Now, after over 300 reviews, over 200 messages, over 70 Lets Play videos... I've learned more then its possible to measure. I see all my mistakes, all the CONs that I should fix. All the needless obstacles I should remove. I consider Game Developing an art. Games - to be art. Because Video Games are everything that art is - combined. Painting, drawing, music, sculpture, poetry, literature, movie... All compressed into one art form. The ultimate art form. Because, I do consider Video Games to be the final frontier. Simply by how interactive they are.
That's also why I have a bitter hate for all the Idle Games out there, that are an insult to any Game Dev in human history, to each game ever published or developed. And to be honest - 4 weeks ago, one of such "games" success - almost made me not publish Antumbra AT ALL. But back on topic - I feel kind a proud. Antumbra is already over 3 weeks old. Yet still, after dozens of thousands of gamers - still not all its secrets had be unfold. Especially one secret. A very personal one. That's why I hidden it well. Maybe Cicada will figure it out. For once, the King would become a Jester...
Thank you Madman for this beautiful review. :) thank you dearly.

I liked the audio and the overall feel of the game, but there is nothing 'hard' about it: It's simply incomprehensible. Anyone who says they "completed" this "game" without spending 10mins on YouTube is full of it. So, what's the point?

Vilehead responds:

I've uploaded the Walkthrough video at 26th of March.
Game was published at 16th march.
Within that 10 days, exactly 180 people finished the game without the walkthrough.
You can easily trace this by checking medals.
So almost over 200 people did the "Incomprehensible" :)
It just took them a while. Just as it supposed to.
But how would you know? How can you tell? You had not even play the game.
So who's "alt account " is this? :)