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Reviews for "Antumbra"

Man, I really like this start of yours, you're truly talented and got plenty imagination.
I recommend you to things:
1-stop answering all fanmails and reviews, it takes too much time, you could use on your future work;
2-try not to work alone,you will need help in this domain(art,software,legal issues,etc) from a more experienced person, I recommend you a great man from your country, mr.Mateusz Skutnik http://mateusz-skutnik.newgrounds.com/ ; www.mateuszskutnik.com
I wish you good luck,love from Romania.

Vilehead responds:

Thank you Esial :)
And yeah I know... I spend half of my day doing just this. Replying. But as much as I don't complain (because I love doing it!) it sure eats a fair share of my working hours.
You see, as I keep saying - I am a gamer first, and dev 2nd. And it often happened in my past, that I wanted to contact the creator of a game or something else. Just to say how awesome his work was. So I wrote emails, messages, twitts and what not. But the content creators rarely reply. I know its because they are busy people. Yet a little bit of me always wanted to hear a reply. But that rarely happens. Here, countless numbers of people are contacting me day and night. They all want to be noticed, and they actually are. I know that if I'll spent those couple of minutes to write back to them - it will put a smile on their face. And this is something, really. I mean its the only way I know, for me to repay some of this happiness. To say "thank you". Because I am still hyper grateful. To all of you. But I do understand that with growing fanbase, and day being stuck at 24h - the situation will only get worse. The more popular I'll become - the more messages will arrive, and the less time I will have. Which saddens me greatly. Because this relationship between me and you guys - is my fuel. If I'll cut that off - I am off too. So I HAVE to keep in touch with my fanbase. But I might have an idea how to fix that. Stay tuned.
As for Mateusz - your review made me contact him ASAP. :) But he is a busy person so its only natural if he would not have the time to take care of me. Specially as I don't have a lot to offer to such a legendary game developer. And yes, I am one of his most die-hard fans!

ok, so you kinda want to think of the platform your game is on when making one.
for starters this is the internet. People are really impatient and don't really invest into anything at all.

so making the very first part of your came a "get the combination right or you restart" gimick turns people off of your game immediately.

Vilehead responds:

Aaaaaand that was the point.

Very nice game but I am stuck on the "ENOUGH" part and it's not letting me continue.
Would be very nice of you would fix this.

Vilehead responds:

Thats a bug. I asume you are using Internet Explorer right? Thats the IE kind of a thing. It handles the SFX very weird. I'll try and fix this. Try Chrome or Firefox meanwhile.

Amazing game, one of the only Newgrounds games that I've came back to finish after having to stop. It was difficult as fuck, which in a nice change from all the hand holding I see in some games now.

Vilehead responds:

Glad to hear! :D Well very soon I'll be publishing a Delux version of Antumbra. With some new content and stuff. Plus I started working on Antumbra 2 already. So stay tuned :D

Did anyone else get the Fullmetal Alchemist reference with pride being a mass of eyes.

Vilehead responds:

Theres actually a 2nd one too! Can you find it? :3