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Reviews for "Antumbra"

HTML5 and WebGL both work perfectly fine in Opera. There is no excuse for blocking it. If a browser doesn't use those programs, the game simply won't play. With Opera, this isn't the case - html5test rates my browser's capability as 519/555 and getwebgl verifies webgl support. I can play any and all other html5 and webgl games just fine.

Your decision to block a browser just because it isn't one of the main three is unfounded and unfair. Since you refuse to let my browser determine the playability of the game itself, I refuse to give your game a proper rating until you fix this.

Vilehead responds:

I've checked Antumbra using the latest Opera build and it didn't work and had a terrible loading or got stuck at loading forever. Funny enough A1 worked flawless just 7 weeks ago on Opera. So if a browser fails to properly support my game every 2nd update - I refuse to support the browser.
I prefer to suffer a negative review every once in a while rather then deal with a massive outburst of people complaining that the game works bad just because their browsers of choice dev team is lazy. And to be honest - up to this day, you are the first person who demands me to enable the game on Opera.
I fail to understand why you are making such a big deal about this. Browsers are free. You don't pay anything. I have Chrome, InternetExplorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari. And the game is also free. I am just one guy, not a studio with full Q&A crew and Support Center - I don't have the time to find workarounds for unreliable platforms and then deal with dozens of emails telling me the game doesn't work in their browser. I prefer to ban the unreliable platform and spend that time making updates, fixing bugs, making new games and stuff. Much more constructive and creative.
Would YOU take the FULL responsibility of eventual damages done, if I let tha game be played in Opera and it'll break...?
I don't think so.
But please, feel free to prove me wrong.

Jesus christ this game is disturbing and made my heart stop several times. I LOVE IT!

Vilehead responds:

And I love you! <3

I hope I am not the only one who wrote "Heisenberg" after being ordered to "say his name".

I loved the entire "out of the box" concept, unforgiving gameplay and creepy atmosphere. A lot of solutions were really creative and smart. Can't wait to play Antumbra 2!

Vilehead responds:

Tridave. I am writing down that "Heisenberg". You just inspired me and this thing will be included in Antumbra 2. Thx :D
I really cannot wait to start working on A2 full time. It will be amazing.
Keep your eye on me Dave :)

I cant even get past the first hallway

Vilehead responds:

Actually no one can! :D at first...
You'll figure it out. I am sure of it :)

As someone who grew up on the bullshit adventure game, I can say this definitely fits the classification, though that's not a bad thing. My only real gripe is the lack of saving and loading, though the short length helps counter that, and it's not nearly as lethal or punishing for missing early things as Sierra games. While the story didn't really make much sense, the important thing is that it felt like it eventually would, and it kept me wondering what would be around the next corner, giving a sense of adventure in a strange land that's some sort of Alice-In-Wonderland-style place turned into Hell with an extra helping of surrealism and some theology stuff that's reminding me of something I can't quite put my finger on. If nothing else, I want a sequel so I can try to understand this. The semi-foggy art helps give off an unsure feeling, and the Middens-esque characters really help the atmosphere. While really I should be giving this a 4 or a 4.5 due to the lack of meat on it's bones, I feel like this deserves a five, for it's wonderful uniqueness alone.

Vilehead responds:

Ohhh I love Alice. I believe, that each one of us has its own "Wonderland". Its just that, my "wonderland" has a very unique definition of "wonders" haha.
Thank you my friend! Thank you very much!