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Reviews for "Antumbra"

how do i get past the fire and this game is amazing
keep up the good work
if you are making a part 2 please let there be a inventory
please love it

Vilehead responds:

You have to be wet. But remember that wet cloths gets dry very fast! :D
And A2 will have much more then that. Keep your eye on me... 2 days from now.

I became a fairy, got really stubborn with grandma, kicked the shit out of many masked dudes (why can't we go back without killing him?) told Pride he could go to hell (and eventually gave up on life) got a rain of fruits (Lucky me, got this 7 times in a row, but can't win a chance game IRL... ever). Also, I tried many door but they all led to the same ending, except Giddy God's, si I got sad and started over again.
I found the reference for the corridor quite easily... Being who I am (and pissing my pants just remembering the damn thing) it.. kinda made me giggle... nervously. The Mose reference was a given for most christian, still gave me a smile.
Truth be told, until I found how to get to the grandma, I couldn't get past the jungle bit. And... I used your walkthrough for that very bit of jungle. Shame on me.
However there is ONE thing that pisses me off to no end.
it's... how the heck do I get the last 6 achievement? Countryman, Saliva Surfer, Dweller, Resident, Astral and Sormathingy? I have NO Idea whatsoever.
Also, the grandma said the dungeon monster could be killed...? Is she insane? because that's how I got the Death Addict....

You are my hero.

Vilehead responds:

Saliva Surfer - jump into Mouth in sewers.
Sorma'Ksuler - visit every location
Countryman, Dweller, Resident - play for total 1h,3h,6h
Astral Master - Get every other medal

And you are my <3

this is awsome beatiful finaly someone who thinks like me amazing game belive it's just plain cool

Vilehead responds:

Love ya Redknight :) I am actually very happy of WHAT kind of audience Antumbra is gathering. We are all - very alike. And look at the reviews. For most of my life I thought I am some sort of freak. A mutation, an exception, wild variable. Yet there are soooo many of you who shares my view and mindset. We are almost like a sect lol :D I am loving it!

Sheesh, that Pride thing creeped me out!
Yeah, it's where I currently am, with 'him' killing me over and over again.

Looks like you weren't joking when you said it's gonna be hard, it took me, like, 15 minutes to get past the first puzzle. It's like the game's playing with instead of the other way around!
And I can't believe this is your first game!

So, uh, when can we throw money at you?

Vilehead responds:

Hahaha <3 ya MHFU :)
Follow me at Facebook and stuff. I actually started working on Antumbra 2 already. But just a bit. So yea stay tuned - I'll give you the opportunity.
And thank you very very kindly :)

wow this is a really excellent game very well done please make a part 2

Vilehead responds:

Actually I've already started :D Follow me on facebook or something. Or at IndieDB. Many updates coming soon :D
And thank you Brand :)