Reviews for "Antumbra"

when you was a kid , you had a trauma , right ?

DroneLocker responds:

Yes, but lets put an "s" at the end of "trauma" and "lots of " before it.
Oh and lets not narrow the time range only to childhood.
Because they never left. Just changed.

Oh, wow. I don't even know what to say about this game.
So many paths to explore - practically a hierarchy every turn, like a Give Yourself Goosebumps book.
I've never seen a game that HORRIFIED me and yet INSPIRED me. It felt like I was really IN those places as I played, y'know?
And imagine my surprise when I saw a SEQUEL being planned.

BTW, I saw your walkthrough on YT (which I was way too dependent on to play) and I asked you a few too many questions.
All I wanna say about this... I apologise - I know I was rude, nosy and prying into your personal life. I suck as a person for doing that, and I'm very sorry.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you kindly Karma :) Now imagine that what you see in Antumbra 1 is MAYBE 1/10 of what i wanted to add. Sadly, most of the things I had to cut out. Due to lack of time, money and... well. Depression. I just had enough.

I wanted for Antumbra 2 to be what Antumbra 1 was supposed to be. Bigger, brighter, more badass. But the IndieGoGo campaign is not doing all that well. And on Steam Greenlight... gezz. Greenlight is a mess. For every person who votes YES, there are 2 others who votes NO.

Oh and don't worry about the YouTube thing. I actually wanted to reply but I couldn't find time to do so. I don't have many secrets and I don't mind talking about myself. But the story of my life is quite... a difficult one. To the point where many people who heard it - have some serious troubles believing I did not made that up lol.
And don't worry - I am not that easy insulted or offended :) Write me a message and I'll try to answer all your questions.

nice game bro


...Deep. So is that monster your son? D:

..>This game is fucking awesome by the way, can't wait for Antumbra 2

DroneLocker responds:

Soon.... very soon...

Nice game...but very hard:(.....i couldn't finish it without walkthrough....
Does the shadow thing with eyes is some kind of tribute to the Fullmetal Alchemist?...because it seemed familiar until i realized that there is a same kind of ....pride?.... on that anime:))

DroneLocker responds:

Well, I won't hide - I AM a anime/manga fanatic from over 20 years. But this exact part was my design. I had a childhood-monster like that. Shadow made out of eyes. He would stand in front of my bed every night. And stare at me. For a long time I was very scared of him. But one day another monster appeared. And the Eye-shadow started bashing and clawing the new guy. And damn how efficient he was. After a moment the new monster gave up and vanished. Then the Eyeshadow turned back to me and did wave to me with something I assumed was his hand. Then he disappeared. And I never seen his since.