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Reviews for "Antumbra"

Im enjoying the game, havent finished yet, but as i keep failing im not stiping, ill try and try, i had to use review to get to the desert part, but the difficult doesnt means its impossible, ill complete it one day cause i dont want to use walktrough, thanks gj.

i think I may be experiencing a problem... I was excited to play this game but when I started at the first decision, the entire screen was all glitchy. I thought it might be normal but I started watching a walkthrough of the game and the first decision screen for that person as completely different than mine. They had a dark hallway that was dimly lit, and it was clear that was where they were. Every time I die and restart my screen shows something different, but so far it has not been any kind of location, it just looks like nonsense. Plus, I can see the monster that is supposed to pop up from the bottom of the screen. Please tell me if this is a glitch or just something wrong with my computer, I would really like to play this game with the full experience. (I have pictures if needed)

To break it up just a little:

The graphics, color scheme, and general style make for excellent proof that quality aesthetics need not be super-high resolution; the Flash quality, slightly pixelated look quality actually enhances the feel of the game, adds to its surrealism.

Overall, however, what I love the most about this game is that elusive adventure quality; you can find plenty of iPad apps that are like, "hey, come play this! It has such-and-so and we're better than such and so!" and are a tad short of begging you to experience their work.


Instead, here is one of those games that does little to nothing to help you on the way; you die three or four times in one mechanic before you realize there's a completely different mechanic you need to close the door; you die several times in the fire, but once you figure out that you need to time yourself between water and fire, doesn't it sure feel like you've made some kind of leap -- more leap in a flash game than many make in their daily jobs in real life. Walking from one end of the hall in this game has more of that quality experience than most apps have when you cross galaxies.

Long live <redacted>!!

I've played this game for a decent bit trying to solve it's mysteries. It took me some time but I managed to get through this game. I admit I had to look at your guide to figure out how to get past the fire, and i did die to the opening monster a lot before i figured out how to avoid it. This game was an interesting puzzle and adventure. I am glad that you put so much of yourself into it. To me, it seems that the best art is made when the creator is willing to put some of their heart and soul into the project.

I found this game to be enjoyably hard without seeming to be just fake difficulty. There are time when the answer is far from in front of you, but it is there. You just need to change your expectations about how this game works, and you tell the player that right at the beginning.

After beating the game i set about my goal of unlocking the achievements. To this point I have managed to get all but 4. The ones i am missing are labeled on the NG list as:
Resident: which i think might be more time spent in game
Death addict: which i think might mean i have to die even more, maybe in a specific way
Dweller: Only thin i can think of is maybe more time spent in game
Astral Master: I do not have a clue, possibly get the other achievements
I think my time in this game has come to an end and i might not have the determination to figure these ones out, though i may come back in the future to try again occasionally. Though really i am quite stumped.

I wanted to thank you for bringing people this wonderful and interesting game, and for the great adventure through this world. I tried to help spread word of your indiegogo for Antumbra 2, but I was unable to donate personally. I wish you well on your future endeavors and will be waiting to try them out when you finish them.

So, I made an account on here specifically to comment on this game.
This is one of the best point n' click style adventure games I have ever played. It's creepy, it's story might be a little confusing, but still interesting, and the little easter eggs make it so much better. And you made it so personal, which, in my opinion, are what a lot of indie games are missing. I can't wait for Antumbra 2!
P.S, congratulations on getting it greenlit on Steam.

DroneLocker responds:

Thank you Kalei :) You know, from the perspective of passed time, I must say - I am unable to produce a quality product if I don't make it personal. Took me a while to figure out. Years.

You know, any artist wants to produce stuff like that. But he also has to eat, has bills to pay, family to feed. And you know how the world is. Mainstream banks. Unique - do not. Its far easier to spend couple of days and make another Idle Game, rather then pour your heart and soul into something for months. But the problem is - and this will be a confession - when this works on paper, it doesn't in field. At least - not for me.

For years I've been struggling to create a game. Something that would put money on the table. And this rush and pressure - was like a poison, it was killing me. I started something, then depression kicked in, I stopped, tried to make something else, failed again. Rise and repeat. Over and over. And suddenly - I discarded all that. I've opened my heart and made an interactive piece of art, out of what I've found inside my ribcage. And it worked. Jesus it worked. And I've learned my lesson and came out wiser.

After Antumbra popularity - now I know that the only games I should make, are the game I love making. Developed without dollar bill in mind. Because to my utmost, but pleasant surprise - the world is looking for passion. The world had enough. The people had enough. The plastic construct is breaking and crumbling apart. People don't want yet another 5 minutes of entertainment. No. They want something bigger. Something meaningful. Something that will leave a mark. Something that echoes inside them.

For the time being - Antumbra 2 cannot be made. For an update and explanation - check my News on my profile here, on NG, or go have a look at my Facebook page. I am making a new game. Something totally different. But made with the same love and care. A new beginning stands at the doorstep. I've finally managed to breach out of my cage. And I am not going back. I am here to stay.

Watch me bend and twist, as I start carving my name on top of the hill. Breaking my nails, crushing my fingers, bleeding and weeping - but refusing to stop. I, refuse to stop. As this is the dream, in which I chose to rise and fall. My morn and my dusk.