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Reviews for "Captain Friction"

Stupid as hell but i kinda liked it

I found the overall execution kind of lackluster i.e. there really wasn't a proper climax (pun not intended, maybe) but the concept definitely struck a cord with me at the beginning, I felt there was potential for some whacky stuff.I will admit though, the part where captain enters the alley was pretty damn funny.Great effort!


WTH He didn't do the thing!

The intro (15 seconds in) was very funny, and was a very nice splash into the next scene. Unfortunately, the latter half was a bit dragged out and the ending a bit anticlimactic for what the intro brought. Animation was savvy, and like all animators, have some anatomical/ proportion issues, but I wouldn't worry about any of that as you create more content! I liked the premise of this, it has good potential :D