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Reviews for "Captain Friction"

Dammit, friction isn't even CLOSE to one of the strongest forces in the universe! Kids these days.


How is [captain] Friction in bed, though? I think that's what's really on everyone's minds.. I thought this was alright, it was a funny gag but it was just a little too simple and anticlimactic. It would've been kinda funny if the girl just walked off or even mugged the bad guy and then ran off, would've added something to the movie. and the other thing- that music playing as he was getting "ready" to fight was just awful. It sounded like something from an RPG game...and was completely out of place for a preparation scene for a fight. (maybe it was just too loud that was the issue) I'd suggest picking music more appropriate next time. Overall, i liked your style, the animation was good and you can hold interest in the viewer's. I look forward to more captain Friction movies but definately consider making movies beyond a single gag.

He surprisingly looks like myself.

"You dare attack an innocent bitch?!"

So... does he mug her or what? :P The end! There's no end! But, there is incredible hilarity. Nice idea making one of the fundementals of physics into a super power! Could be a series, it could be friction awesome.