Reviews for "Captain Friction"

Intro looks good, but text is slightly different from what the narrator is saying. After that there isn't really anything funny and the quality of the animation isn't that great either... Decent maybe.
I think that Captain Friction has potential as a character and hope to see something more.

You could have saved this at the end if he had actually released a super powerful blast from his hand after the "he's doing a thing".

This was pretty funny. Some solid jokes with some nice animation. I would have preferred if the mugger's voice was a bit more "mugger-ish" ...I guess. The colours were also dull. Anyway great work, keep it up. I'd love to see more soon!

So... does he mug her or what? :P The end! There's no end! But, there is incredible hilarity. Nice idea making one of the fundementals of physics into a super power! Could be a series, it could be friction awesome.


He surprisingly looks like myself.

"You dare attack an innocent bitch?!"

Hell yea Jon! killin it!