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Reviews for "Lethal RPG: War Begins"

Certainly, it has flaws, but doesn't every game in one way or another?
I love the spin you've put on the game from the usual series. It's easy to tell you've put a great amount of effort in it. Great work! c:

This game is awesome,5 stars.
This game is a very good RPG. n.n
This rpg never is borred. n.n thanks for create,it!
pd:sorry,i don't speak english XD

Nicely done. I'm one of the RPG wimps who has to play on Casual mode. Yeah, I'm one of those guys. Anything, I like this game.

not just a game, but a whole extraordinary universe to discover...
also, who else is playing on expert mode?

5* because the full game's completely free on Steam now (I think it cost 1 or 2 dollars before then), has been for about a year if I remember correctly. It's got a bit of a slow start (most of which is what you get in this game, unfortunately!), but it's a really fun three-character RPG fighter with a nicely-balanced (if admittedly a little generic) cast of characters, some neat mechanics and some fun challenge fights. Definitely worth playing, especially since it's free. To that end, I wouldn't recommend you actually play this (the cut game on Newgrounds) though!