Reviews for "Lethal RPG: War Begins"

Its a simple rpg and simple game mechanics. I personally liked it, but there are definitely better rpgs. There's so much more potential that can be put into this game though, but the worst part about it is that it's like a demo- as soon as you beat the game you have to guy buy the regular game to play the rest, and if you're going for all the achievements on newgrounds then you can waste a decent amount of time trying to level up to level 15. It's not too fun to do that, also when you go to the bottom of the map in this free version of the game you can see more content to the right side but are unable to reach it, leading to a huge disappointment. My score 2 nothing new or interesting but it's not a bad game overall, but the sales gag kills it for me.

From someone who played all the original games, this game doesn't seem to make all that much sense story wise nor does it particularly give me any real interest. I know Lethal's supposed to be practically a demonic overlord according to the series but I just feel that this game dumbs him down too much. The other characters are not exactly memorable either and I miss being able to custom create your own guy to party with. I also don't like how plain and generic you've made the game look but I have to complement your music choices and that you've made it at least user friendly (no more bashing the WASD or arrows to ensure combo hits, thank god).

Overall, I think you have changed the genre but the game is still lacking... sorry if this review comes across rudely but I want to be able to see great games from the lethal series, I really do. Good luck in your future games.

Benspyda responds:

Yes, this game was an experiment for trying something new that wasn't completely successful. I still believe it's a game worth playing for fans of the series.

the artwork makes me think of porn

As someone who played the lethal-series from the beginning back in the day, I must say, this wasn't quite as entertaining. Don't get me wrong, well polished game and certainly worth the few bucks you want for it. I just miss the days, when "Lethal RPG" meant silly exciting action-packed experiences. Now it feels like any other RPG of it's kind. It lost its coolness-factor and became traditional. Well, that's what people want anyway.

Anyway, good work. If you'd care to device a downloadable version for my pc, which I can pay with mobile money, I'd surely get it. My Android is old, small and crappy and as such not suited to play such game on it. Until then, have a good one :)

Another bad Lethal game.

Ive been playing since game one and YOU STILL HAVINT FIXED BASIC ISSUES

Why the hell does the cleanse potion cure positive status effects?
Why the hell do I have to give up my best DPS (Lethal) to heal (which costs too much)
Why are all the enemy's faster then me?
Why should i upgrade Lethal s sword to the next type when by time i get the materials to do so my basic sword is three times as damaging. and is non elemental so no resistances.

I will admit the games graphics finally look good and not off putting like the previous series.