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Reviews for "Lethal RPG: War Begins"

My only negative to say is it is definately a big disadvantage to always let the enemy go first..... I lost several conflicts that I easily survived, only to be wiped by the very same mobs because they got to always hit first.....

Love the game. Worst thing about it? VERY slow combat.. maybe add battle speed options? up to 3x? Please! Your art has improved and overall I really like it. :D

This was a good game, but I did think it moved a little too slowly. There were probably too many battles. It was still nice to see the graphics. The design is quite good! I'm glad your dead partner doesn't stay dead. The music is nice too. I could usually count on new enemies to appear.

I've just never been into RPGs. I still appreciate what you were attempting with this. The animation moves quite fluidly. Yes, I would recommend this, especially to RPG people. I like the effort.

Awesome game. By the way, mushrooms are fungi not plants.

Benspyda responds:

These are fantasy Mushrooms. :)

Created half a month after I bought the game for android, GG