Reviews for "Lethal RPG: War Begins"

Cool game, I just don't like a few things:
> You don't loose anything when ONE character dies in battle
> You loose too much money but the money in this game is useless (I make the game without buy any potion or things like that and the ONLY thing you actually needs with money is the boat)
> Medal "The Forbidden Tome" are broke, clean the game 3 times in a row and can't get it
> I know it's the beggining of a serie of games but the dialogue could be a LOT better

Anyway, the story itself is awesome, congrats. Waiting the next <3

Great despite the fact you have to pay for it. Love this game though, very well thought out game. Just might have to buy a copy. And thats rare for me.

To the people complaining about how hard it is. You just suck ass at RPG's.

only 4 stars.

great game.

it need new exciting soundtracks and better quality artwork

Is this going to have a sequel? Because the map is bigger than the game.

It's pretty good, just the combat could be made a little more fun.

The art work is decent, the lore is really boring, all i did was skip through all the text just to fight. You hear the same song/soundtrack all the time. The bosses battle theme is somewhat decent but the rest is just plain boring to listen to making the normal fights less enjoyable, it needs more epic medieval music. The fighting engine is odd, all my enemies always hit first & i had no way to control that making the battles really difficult but not impossible. The upgrade armor is somewhat interesting. I upgraded my sword & it looks the same (visual wised) pretty lame. I love the concept of your main character being able to have a pet thats pretty damn cool although i wished you would give them more abilities & let you choose attacks and also let them grow bigger not stay pup or small. Overall i think the game is just a time killer when you are bored but not something worth 2 dollars for full version. Not wasting my money on it.