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Reviews for "Lethal RPG: War Begins"

I really love this game! Good storyline, lots of fights, not too boring.

no gliches, gives good description of skills, always heal after battle is done :D, but I can't tell how difficult a battle wll be before I start it. I beat the undead leveled up once, and was then killed by poison. by 2 rats and a mushroom ???

Wow, the reviews on this game were surprisingly negative considering how good the game was. I find it sad that people complain about having to PAY $3 to play further in the game. (that's the price of 2 coffees, which will last you 15 minutes, compared to HOURS of gameplay) Instead of feeling like you wasted 2 hours playing a demo, look at it as you got 2 hours of free gameplay on a good game, with a complete story arc. If the game had just ended after the snow castle, no one would have complained at all. So, people are mad because they dislike the 'idea' of paying to play more? That's pretty selfish. Benspyda spent 2 years (I assume) making this game so why shouldn't he get paid for it. If you don't want to pay, leave quietly and go play something else. No one owes you free games.

This game is really well made. It has an interesting design idea, is simple to operate, with good clean graphics and plenty of interesting attacks and enemies. I liked that the attacking order was different than usual, forcing you to plan out your strategy better. I used the Archer's dodge skill and the Wizard's defend spell often causing the enemies to waste their attacks dealing NO damage.The pet having a second attack was a neat idea. The music IS a bit mellow in battles and the characters are a bit flat, personality-wise. That is the only major flaw in this game. Interesting characters can make an average game much better. The dialogue is also fairly shallow, which is too bad because the plot ideas are good.

Playing on normal difficulty I found the game to be quite... normal... in difficulty. I didn't die in battles unless I was attacking new boss enemies. RPGs are SUPPOSED to have a steep difficulty curve to create challenge, team strategy development, and level building. Play some older RPGs and you'll see REAL difficulty like HP, MP, and dead teammates NOT regenerating after battles.

Perhaps, people having difficulty are not aware that you can upgrade your equipment and pets with the crafting materials you find. I actually liked that you can upgrade your first sword higher than the second sword's starting power. It's like a bonus on the first sword.

I played this game for 3 nights, finished the 4 areas and beat the snow-castle monster. I liked the game enough to buy it for $3 and really hope this model of game-funding does continue on into the future. I wouldn't know if I like the game if I couldn't play the demo. If people can't even pay artists/programmers $3 for 2 years of work... I don't want to finish the sentence.

actual rating: 4 stars, +1 star to compensate for all the whiners here.

Ooooooh, come ooon...
I didnt read 'demo' anywhere so I spent 2 hours for nothing. Heck, I collected and killed nearly every creep camp and boss (those camps with the icon of a strange head)
And I didnt even upgrade weapons until the very end. Now I have to go with the side quests because the main story line just ended.

It could use another soundtrack. Background music, you know what I mean.

actions choice -> enemy turn -> you turn... BULLSHIT
enemy turn -> actions choice -> you turn !!!
actions choice order != playback order o_O
[self] or [self], [1] or [1], [all] or [all]... what would I choose
2d rpg buttons control !!!