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Reviews for "Lethal RPG: War Begins"

This is a fun game that took me a couple of hours to complete. (I still have to grind out the level 15 medal which is actually a little frustrating because I've already earned the rest.)

I see a reviewer says the game is free on steam. I would almost get the game, but I can't quite commit to playing the game outside of earning its medals on newgrounds for a couple of reasons listed below.

The characters are extremely generic. There's no personality with the characters or the enemies. It kind of takes away from the personal feeling that RPGs tend to give users.

The other big thing is how slow the battles are. I feel like it's a huge task to go through the battles, not because of their difficulty, but more over because of how long they take.

Even if those things existed I would still play the full version on newgrounds for the medals and most likely enjoy it, but outside of getting a reward for plsying the faults are big enough for me to not be interested in continue my play.

5* because the full game's completely free on Steam now (I think it cost 1 or 2 dollars before then), has been for about a year if I remember correctly. It's got a bit of a slow start (most of which is what you get in this game, unfortunately!), but it's a really fun three-character RPG fighter with a nicely-balanced (if admittedly a little generic) cast of characters, some neat mechanics and some fun challenge fights. Definitely worth playing, especially since it's free. To that end, I wouldn't recommend you actually play this (the cut game on Newgrounds) though!


not just a game, but a whole extraordinary universe to discover...
also, who else is playing on expert mode?

Fairly good game!! Really enjoyed it..

I was really enjoying the game until I finished it and there are still quests that I was unable to access even though NONE are available for me to go on, so I don't know if that's a game flaw or a player flaw.