Reviews for "Under the Gobling Guard"

It is an OK game 5/5 :)

Lenke responds:

OK game 5/5??
Ok game is 3/5

best geim ever yey
would hit them in their heads again 10/10

I liked this game. Has that defender concept with new challenges introduced on each level. Liked that you are able to continue from where you left off when you lose and the diverse upgrades you can make, like the fire and iron rocks.
Only thing that is putting this down is the graphics but other than that, the game play itself was fun.
Nice job!

Lenke responds:

the graphics are still my karma...

A fun game overall! The story's basic but enough to keep you going, upgrades a little strategic, but more so fun, levels progressively harder (when the barbarians jump into the picture it really gets difficult!). I spot a typo in 'Doble damage' (for Iron Shield), wrong word order on the 'you need ___ upgrades' messages for Frozen/Hell, and if you have upgrades on 'Max' you are told don't have enough money if you click on them again. Also, if you finish the game by killing the wizard, without killing everyone else on the screen, those characters remain in their walking motion on the last cutscene. But no bugs that affect gameplay at least, it was a fun trip, not too long, varied, challenging; rewarding with them medals too! I don't seem to have recieved Accuracy though hmm... any hint on that one?

Oh, and sad to hear you're moving from Flash to Unity btw, the latter seems much heavier on system resources, most games I've played lag at least a little, take longer to load etc. I tend to avoid Unity games when I can. But anyway, this was good, nice work!


It's an alright game, after level 2 there seems to be a massive difficulty spike, other than that it's pretty fun.