Reviews for "Proximity: The Game"

Undoubtedly an awesome game though I'll have to get a friend to play it with, though I did get to the "black hole" on the inverted viewing with the counter rotational shock drones so I'd say I'm pleased with my solo progress on this game. But great difficulty curve, unique mechanic, good music, aesthetic minimalist art style, and it all fits in very well to the mood of the game, so fantastic work, definitely going to check out your other work and keep an eye out for future projects of yours.

TalkSickGames responds:

Woah, thank you!! Happy to see you enjoy it as much as we do. We worked very hard on it!

Very nice and menacing musical score! And sprite graphics. The way the levels start as bridges, and move onto a great ship/castle-like construct hovering in the sky... even though there's no story to explain it, the graphics and sound build up a pretty tense setting.

The dual-player approach was pretty interesting, and works both for 2p or single player if there's no one else around, though the mechanics could be better explained. The movement is explained from the start, but the beeping sound... I never really understand what's emitting it. First thought was the dead people were attacking somehoe, and there should be a way to fire back, but it seems like as long as you st5ray from the line of sight of... a droid? A sentry? A camera?.. it'll be OK. The lack of visible threat makes the menace all the more mysterious, but at the same time it's a bit annoying. I'd like to know what I'm fighting against, I'd like to see the enemy so I know what strategies I need to devise to get past it. Also, I seem to have found a bug where if you click outside the game area (such as: to type in this review), then return to the game, the characters are confined to the place they're standing. I can use arrow/WASD keys to trigger the walking animations in each direction, but they don't move from their spot. Overall, good game, but I feel it could reveal a bit more about the threat you're facing to motivate you more for the challenge of defeating it. Nice work!


TalkSickGames responds:

Wow thanks a lot for the feedback, CD ! Your analysis really helps us out pinpointing flaws so we could fix them. Prox being our first game, lots of mistakes were made. Lack of play testing was one of them. Thanks for the bug report, we will be looking into it ASAP. Glad you liked it !

Cool concept and game. Now I only need a friend to play ; ((

TalkSickGames responds:

Haha thanks DerApfelkuchen ! You can always try to master it alone :D !

Took an ungodly amount of time to load. This better be worth it. (Please note, I did this playtrough solo).


Took me some time to realize that I shouldn't be too close or too far away from the other character, even with the "tutorial" at the start.
I honestly liked how you used zooming in and out, and the colors green, yellow and red as warnings.
I found the controls amusing, as you constantly need to focus on each character and their path. The puzzles within the game were brilliantly placed, it actually made me think, as some of the popular games these games require no thinking and/or planning to complete the level. I especially liked playing this alone, due to the difficulty and multitasking.


The graphics are 8-bit, and that's why I love them. From the way the characters walk, to the animation of the deaths, everything is well designed and thought through.


As I progressed the game, I noticed there was no indication of there being a story, so I could only speculate. The story seems complexing, from my speculations.


From what I heard, there was just one loop of music in the background.
There was a sound which got on my nerves quickly, and that's the sound the characters make when they're too close to each other. I started worshiping it soon thanks to the fact that once I hear the sound I can just move my characters apart. From what I heard, it takes a total of five beeps for someone to shoot both your characters, thus resetting the level.
There were no walking/running sounds.


I would play this game again, no doubt. I'd bring a friend as well. The difficulty is the reason, in my case.


As I've mentioned several times before, I adore the difficulty this game is on. It's not easy or medium when playing solo, it's hard. I have played this with a friend some time afterward, and it did get a little bit easier, but a lot more screaming was involved.
We loved it.


This game is worth the four stars. The gameplay, the graphics, the smoothness of the controls really made this experience enjoyable. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a good challenge, and to those who want an enjoyable co-op game.

Newgrounds scale: 4/5
Personal scale: 6.5/10

TalkSickGames responds:

Thank you for your analysis! It's very well structured. Happy you liked it both solo and co-op!

Awesome idea. Played it solo and had a blast! 4/5

TalkSickGames responds:

Glad you had fun!