Reviews for "Proximity: The Game"

perfact game
played it solo and i hag a hard time on the last lvl part
but onece you know the spots were you dont die
i could pass it easy
i really like that it was made posible for 1 player
thx for such a good game
going to my favourites

TalkSickGames responds:

Thank you! Nice to see you're having as much fun playing it like we did developing it!

its a awesome game,im playing this game whit mi brother is a great game....if you have a player 2 XD

TalkSickGames responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

This is one of the best (and hardest) games I've played!

good and challenging, I tried single player, but damn is it hard to try to dodge those electric things when you have to navigate both characters at the same time or else one will die. I quit at that lv where there was a huge center black hole and diagonal steps and electric drones circling, no way I can coordinate that well by myself.

a cool thing that you could had done is that when a body is electricuted, the other person is forced to suicide since he can't complete the course without the second person.

also the hitbox on the decaying tiles is annoying, i tend to set them off accidently way too often.

also the timer on the appearing tiles is annoying too since I tend to try to get on it immediately, which causes me to fall through.

good game tho.

TalkSickGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, corruptedspy ! We will look into the decaying tile's hitbox since we don't want it to be a pixel perfect thing. It was intended to be this hard playing solo since this game was developed with a 2 players mindset. We are still hotfixing it. Glad you liked it ! You're very close to the ending !

Was this perhaps inspired by the Short film of the same title by Triune Films (Ryan Connolly)

TalkSickGames responds:

We got to know about the short film when a NG dude said something about it! We were shocked and surprised to see the resemblance!