Reviews for "Proximity: The Game"

Nice,very fluent, very exciting, precise I loved every second of it. Took me a few minutes to figure it out but I loved itt

TalkSickGames responds:

Thank you for the kind words !

perfact game
played it solo and i hag a hard time on the last lvl part
but onece you know the spots were you dont die
i could pass it easy
i really like that it was made posible for 1 player
thx for such a good game
going to my favourites

TalkSickGames responds:

Thank you! Nice to see you're having as much fun playing it like we did developing it!

its a awesome game,im playing this game whit mi brother is a great game....if you have a player 2 XD

TalkSickGames responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Nice game. Tricky when playing alone, co-op's much more enjoyable, yes. There's only two tunes I noticed, but it's the soundtrack that I like the most.
Can I get it separately somewhere?

TalkSickGames responds:

Hey, sorry for the late response. I'll send you the soundtrack pretty soon. Thanks for the feedback!

Me and my girlfriend decided to try this out. Needless to say, one of the best horror flash games I've seen on the internet. Plus, the idea of not standing close is great since in these horror co-op games I tend to just stick right next to whoever I'm playing with. Looking forward to see more games from you guys.

TalkSickGames responds:

Thanks ! We are currently starting our next project.