Reviews for "Proximity: The Game"

Played with a friend. We ended up screaming at each other. That is good when making a co-op game.

TalkSickGames responds:

We like to see people screaming at each other. Thanks!

It seems interesting, but i just cant play it too much, the game assumes i keep both characters far away when they are just a few pixels away. Big issue.

TalkSickGames responds:

Think you might have misunderstood the main mechanic.

perfact game
played it solo and i hag a hard time on the last lvl part
but onece you know the spots were you dont die
i could pass it easy
i really like that it was made posible for 1 player
thx for such a good game
going to my favourites

TalkSickGames responds:

Thank you! Nice to see you're having as much fun playing it like we did developing it!

Well first of all let me say this this game is very well made.

This game is really challenging while you are playing alone and really fun and entertaining while playing with a friend. One thing I want to say is if you make a sequel make it have online mulitplayer. Over all a very good game!

TalkSickGames responds:

We're pleased that you liked our game so much! Thank you!

This game is really cool it's not finish for me cause i'm alone and i think it's hard. But cool game if you have a friend with you!

TalkSickGames responds:

Thank you!