Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

Great game ! Retro graphics are really cool !!!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks, we put a lot of time into the art direction.

Definitely a WIP.
1. Loved the pixel art, it was able to portray a clear image while still giving it that darker rpg look
2. Narration is hard to implement into a game because of the possibility of overlap with important environment sounds(or so I've seen in my pitiful attempts at rpg games for school) , but I didn't encounter any errors with that in this demo
3. Map and crafting are unavailable in the demo, so that is all it needs, if it isn't already in the full version (if that exists)
I would really love to play it once its finished! Good luck developers, and keep up the good work!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for the kind words.

1. Thanks, we're excited to unveil some new artwork from the trailer (wip atm).
2. Had to make a couple adjustments and there are still a few issues here with speed runs. But nothing stretching out a few areas for the narration to run wouldn't fix.
3. This demo is 1/3rd of the first area. We finished it, but the other 2/3rds still need some polish. Actually crafting and map are implemented (although fast travel is not). See our YouTube for more info on crafting at the link below.


The platforming feels bad. Floaty. Friction is wrong.

The physics feels jagged and catchy.

The music, art, and voice acting is great.

The overall game feels glitchy and somewhat unpolished.

Polish please.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for playing. We put this demo out to gather user feedback. A few more updates will be released to adjust negative aspects people have primarily mentioned. We would love to super polish everything, but at this stage we're still doing some experimenting and tweaking. So it isn't quite ready for heavy polish. In a dev cycle extreme polish usually occurs in beta. Pre-alpha is more of a testing / feedback gathering phase.

The music and voice acting is good. I'm glad I had earbuds for this. Also, I like the references (such as the egg... thing from the Harry Potter series and the talk of the cake) and the controls seem very easy to pick up.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. We like to incorporate references to our favorite books and games. Some of them are easy to spot, while others a bit more cryptic.

Truly, this is one helluva awesome game. I am looking forward to playing the full game when it is released. However, as expected with demos and unfinished games I encountered two glitches; one extremely hilarious one, in my opinion, and the other prevented me from finishing the game. The first one occurred after meeting Fray in which she flew off screen after jumping on a platform outside the cave. She did teleport back but only after a few seconds of walking in the air. The second one occurred after Coal died to what appeared to have been an undead rat in which case the screen turned gray, Fray was walking back and forth as if in a daze and all user interfaces were inaccessible and not there. Other than this, this game is awesome. I am looking forward to the final version! :3

Long live Coal!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks so much Eternal! When you died did the grat kill you (our giant rats). Or did you die from a trap. Can you recall if the grat killed you with a jump or bite too by chance?