Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

Absolutely loved it. Although some aspects may need polishing, I'm pretty sure the full version will be an ass-kicker!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks! We are adding a chunk of new content and fixes such as a custom music score for the cutscenes. Hopefully coming in the next week or 2.

This game is very promising, I like the music, the graphics and the story so far. But I get stuck in the texture a bit too often, having to reload in order to continue playing.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Glad to hear you loved the game, sorry to hear you got stuck in some places. We've talked with another Unity engine team and they've pointed us in the right direction to solve most of these issues. It has to do with the player accidentally getting stuck on corners. Kind of a tricky problem to solve in Unity 2D (our game engine).

This looks like it's gonna be amazing with the time and work that's going into it. You guys definitely got a good feel going with the excellent music and art style. Loving the random bits of extra environmental objects like that random corpse and that sweet sweet music box which contrasts so well with it's environment.

Not sure why but I kinda feel like the combat system is lacking a bit. I know it's a work in progress so i'm excited to see what else you guys are going to add.

The quests thing seems au bit random, as if it's an obligatory rpg element put in. I probably feel that way case I didn't even know I had quests until I opened my bag. Maybe make little messages appear when you complete/receive quests.

To be honest I haven't played much of this demo so I might be wrong, but the game seems to have some strange scenes which don't feel authentic. Like when after you fall down and squish the guy and everyone runs off, and when you catch up to them, they're just talking like they didn't even meet you. It's also kinda weird that the dragon is standing right behind them in seemingly plain sight of some of the humans but they don't seem to react.
And when you start fighting the girl seems to trust you from the beginning (although you are killing the scavengers so I guess that's reason enough, but at least there could be some text where she confirms your presence or something like "are you a good guy" or something).

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks, we're super proud of the world we've created. For combat we've been passing notes around and talking about how to significantly improve it. As we know it isn't up to par with the rest of the game's content.

We need to expand the notification system (a bit too basic right now). Thinking of making it so you can press the inventory button and it will auto take you to that item. Just an idea atm.

Some of the cutscene elements are a little rough too. We've actually re-written the dialogue for that scene and are in the middle of bringing on an editor to help us. Hoping we will have some time to update the demo with the new dialogue in the future.

Fluid graphics that are simple but effective similar to the style used in old colour gameboys without detractive from the experience. It is clearly an rpg, and I adore rpgs! Soft and vibrant music that fits the atmosphere. The game is cosy with forboding elements and semi-humorous undertones. That's just the story!

There are a few falling through the floor bugs, but that didn't detract me from restarting it four times as it has grabbed my attention.

My pet lizard seems engrossed too(!) The voices are appropriate too, the narrator is really pleasant and soothing to the ear. Dammit I want to play more!

Hopefully shall soon!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thank you for the kind words. As far as the floor bugs go, try a native build at http://ashblue.github.io/adnc-website/ (mac, win, lin support). We've had some reports of weird floor issues with the web player only. Thinking of enabling quick travel in order to give players a way to escape said weird floor stick problems.

Had to login to my account to write this although i dont play alot of this genre and cant handle much dark fantasy, since this game seems real cool and feels like a lot of potential -

ill just put this here and at the same time tell you that I have not gone through the entire demo yet and just a few minutes in. And as you probably decided to upload it to Newgrounds for some advice,thoughts and etc. to help improve the game. well here are my thoughts so far

Intro can be a lot better and has a lot of potential - this is important because it sets the atmosphere and setting of the game.

As mentioned by some comments below platforming needs to be a little smoother, like when
coal makes short jumps he comes to an abrupt stop in the air as if hitting an invisible ceiling then falling afterwards. and slashing the sword up in the air it seems as if he suddenly does not feel like obeying gravity all of the sudden. and frey freaking jumps like a ninja when she follows you it looks a little unnatural because of the random stops in the air and friction.

Art was fantastic the tree leaves particle effects were a good idea

Audio matches the atmosphere although if possible it would be pretty cool to have a little ambience like background sounds of wildlife and wind, cave sounds

Narration was great

Combat needs some work. fighting the first bandits was a little anti-climatic it was just composed of coal juggling his enemies around with his unreal sword skills and the bandits being all incompetent and dying like bandits do - just like side characters.. suddenly bandits fall from the sky and start attacking the tiny dragon seems like a lot of things are out of place. Coal has to advance by degrees. just like fighting that random slime in an rpg game then finding your first boss or centaur or something like that. first battle should be against a critter of some sort - and this would be a great time to introduce game mechanics like instructions and click to hit and stuff. although this is just my opinion and if your game is trying to set itself away from that generic feeling then just disregard it. I also found out after fighting those bandits there was a skill and learning system it would be great if he did not start off with that paragon sword master slashing skills and get slowly quicker slashes and combos etc. later on, since he seems a little too badass with his sword despite his small figure. and it might get a little too repetitive seeing the same hit combos and juggling your enemies in the air and getting hit by annoying enemies behind you who didnt get into the flurry of slashes, well what i mean is combat is a little too plain as it is and it has room for improvement the 3 hit combo is too quick and you are probably going to add some more combat features in the full version like some fire breath and flame rune enchantment on the sword with magic and stuff which im totally looking forward to seeing. that caster support thing is really cool. should probably inform you when you gain a follower or party member as a notification or some sound effect plays maybe. i respawned quite far from where i died, i expected a checkpoint in the cave area, but its a demo so there is a lot of unpolished areas. and it took me 1 death to realize that the giant rats are defeated using the traps instead of attacking it with your somehow rendered useless sword lol, it would be good for fray to give out a tip to attacking it or something for players who may not figure out for some time. also because of the background items like boxes and crates since i could pass through it i thought i could pass through the traps too. i couldn't figure out if an item is solid or not - needs some defining element for that or crates just have to become solid objects.

i like the way the crate breaks- the physics of your game objects makes breaking them satisfying.

and that mysterious guy that appears when you die is interesting. a good foreshadow and a great idea for a respawn element.

after respawning i find it weird how fray stands there like normal and you have to pass by her and enter the next zone for her to follow you

well those are my immediate thoughts at the moment and i think the game is pretty cool overall.

and no fray that is not punch- it seems she lost her sense of smell in exchange for her special powers lol. anyways sorry for bad grammar and misused punctuations im a little sleepy right now and just thought of typing this in.

well im interested in how this game turns out.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism, we really appreciate it.

- Working on a more solid intro and outro for the demo. The opening and ending is a little rough.
- A couple people have mentioned the platform jump feeling sudden. We've talked about a few solutions to solve this. Something that will happen eventually, but probably after we redo all of Coal's animations.
- Thanks for the compliments on the art, narration, and audio. We've talked about more ambient material for some of the game's dungeons in production.
- Another checkpoint is coming for the demo (after you exit the first cave) and combat is getting a massive overhaul. As we still consider it far from complete.
- We love punch and thanks again for the feedback.