Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

Game is looking good. I love the atmosphere and musics. Desings and pixel chacters are amazing too. But there is some big annoying glitches and fps drop problems. But i think this game will become a legend on this site. With updates and more efforts. Keep it up dude. I dont know why but there is some more ''hate comments''on reviews. Wtf is wrong with you people? Its just a little part of an amazing game its just a ''DEMO'' in Alpha version!. With some time and effort this game will be the in of top 10 of year. By the way please in the future make a medal system for this game. It will be great for an open world game. (Hope you understand me, ım sorry for my bad english)

CleverCrowGames responds:

Working on another update right now with new audio, music, content adjustments, and custom input bindings (been slightly delayed due to illness). Should be out next week as we're demoing it at an expo over the weekend. After that it will be a couple months before any new updates, as we want to gut and redo a chunk of our combat system. And in order to that we have to break the player character for a little while.

Eventually we are planning to take our game to Kickstarter and Steam. But we are going to fix up and re-release the demo based on user feedback before doing so. So this will eventually be a paid product, but we will be overhauling the demo into a more complete piece first.

Achievements are on the map of to dos, but always super complicated across platforms. Might not happen looking at the current roadmap until the full game.

Got to the boss rat. Died a lot. Found out how to beat it. Died by falling into the trap. Respawned. Jumped into water near respawn area. Glitched through the floor. 10/10

CleverCrowGames responds:

Sorry about falling through the floor (super annoying). Some computers seem to be having trouble with the Web Player (causes people to fall through the floor, frame rate and GPU physics related we think). Native builds found at the link below seem to fix the problem.


I'm giving this a 2.5 because there really isn't enough substance to decide whether this could be a good game or not.

The controls and animations feel smooth. The three different concepts of narration (voice acted narrator, speech bubble-type dialog, and text box with face portraits) seem to lack direction. Overall the concept seems to suffer "the 3D Sonic problem": instead of integrating enemy fights into standard play, there are distinct passages of "now I'm puzzling" vs. "now I'm fighting". This can be done well, but in newer Sonic games it felt tedious and forced. ("Why do I need to fight this certain number of enemies to unlock this door / disperse this invisible wall?")

I found it very entertaining to jump from the tower in the beginning and clip through a trap door, which lead me to an unfinished area with some debug text on the screen. Sadly, it didn't go far.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Fair enough, this is a short demo of a massive game. So it was quite difficult for us to nail down a definitive direction since we wanted things to start part way through the game. We actually have a very specific agenda and everything will play in nicely when you save Gavin. We're hoping to update the demo to have an Alpha boss battle and a more clear opening. But that may be a ways off since we also want to implement a lot of great feedback we've received.

O no, you can fall through that trapdoor :( Yeah we locked off a lot of content since it's mostly inaccessible due to metroidvania style mechanics. The demo is only about 25% of the entire map (which is complete without polish).

I really like the game so far, and I was definitely excited to hear good voice acting. I love the voice of the narrator, and I know it isn't one I will get tired of. I also loved the tiny details, like being able to kill the vultures at the start and scaring the bats in the cave. Even being able to swipe out the flames on torches and in lanterns was cool, especially when you can relight them. Definitely something a dragon would appreciate.

You've already mentioned how you plan on updating the combat in responses and such to other reviews, and I'm glad you will. It's not very fulfilling and I could simply mash a button to kill after getting used to it, though i like the ability to dodge (I slid under an arrow and for some reason it made me feel like a boss). I do enjoy the music though, and if you ever plan on a soundtrack release I may very well buy it.

Your game has stood out to me, through the music, art style, fluidity of movement and the camera, and the fact that I get to play as a dragon. I don't think I have made many reviews in the first place, but I definitely wanted to share my praise and well-wishing towards this game's future.

There were a few issues (bugs) though, and I had to restart a few times to escape them. I took screenshots when the situations happened, and I have them saved as .png files with little detailed descriptions of what happened to get me stuck. I'd be happy to share them with you so you can figure out how to fix them. Just seems to be collision issues.

If you need any help with something like bug testing, you can send me a message (not like i'm experienced, but the more bug testers the better, right?). I even do some sprite art on occasion and I'd be happy to provide any assets towards this game's completion.

Best wishes!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thank you :D For combat I want to add a dodge button, probably on the left and right bumpers of the controller. Greg Nicolett (gregnicolett.com) is the composer and he is SUPER talented.

If you are interested in bug testing we do post early builds on our Steam Community page before they're released publicly http://steamcommunity.com/groups/a-dragon-named-coal. We're hoping to eventually release out game on Greenlight, but that will probably be after Kickstarter.

A lot of the collision bugs with Coal have to do with how we implemented his bottom circle collider. I need to tweak it a bit so it doesn't stick on random platforms (more difficult to fix than you'd think). If you've found bugs send me an email at ash@clevercrowgames.com or fill out the feedback forum here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1aEN0ZfobwSLRhs7yVVyoPMPBQEfWh-2zT3nXaYJqebI/viewform

This is a gorgeous retro styled game, and one that I could see myself getting into.
It's easy to see that a lot of love is going into this project.
Well done.
As is, it could stand to have a bit more punch to the gameplay itself.
Also, in the second screen or so (where the first lootable pile is), it is possible to jump and get permanently stuck between the stacked crates and the ceiling in the middle.
Other than that, I look forward to seeing what you guys come out with in the final project.
Keep up the good work!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Got your message about solving the getting stuck between stacked crates issue. Combat is on our list of things to refactor. We're bringing on an animator to help with that too.