Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

When jumping, I sometimes land into a glitch. Often at entrances or corners of platforms, I go into the ground/platform. I've had to restart several times, now. Maybe I'm just not noticing a save button, but this is getting tiresome. From what I've managed to see, the plot looks interesting. While a pre-alpha version, some of the jumping and moving mechanics could be improved. The BGM is nice and complementary, though not exactly memorable. The narration is too soft in comparison to the BGM, so I have to turn my speakers up to hear it. The graphics aren't bad, although by Unity Web Player kept giving me error messages. I had to re-install it to play this, actually. The stats do not always match up with level. I understand that Coal is young, but the stats for Defense is at "o", even though I had progressed to level 3 or 4. I understand this feature has yet to be cleaned up and added, but I would like to see what attributes Coal can level up and how they help him.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Sorry about that, certain graphics cards seem to have issues with the physics. We've been looking into a fix, but haven't found one yet. Only solution we know guaranteed to fix it is running a native build (which you can grab at http://ashblue.github.io/adnc-website/).

O yeah, there are a few display bugs with gear. Since the demo doesn't have any gear 'yet' we decided to put that on the backlog. Should be fixed in Pre-Alpha 2.0 (in the works).

fell through the trapdoor and the floor in the first building after the scavengers left and was stuck in both places. Tired of restarting. ^Too bad. This might have been fun. No idea how far it goes but it is linear. You MUST do certain things to move forward. Don't know if I will bother with steam or buying it unless I can get a better sense of what this will be. So far haven't really gotten to do anything collected things but have no use for them or a way to use them so... We will see.

CleverCrowGames responds:

We've had a decent number of reports about people getting stuck in the Web Player. A native build from here will fix the issue http://ashblue.github.io/adnc-website/

More uses for the shiny collectable things for Pre-Alpha 2.0 (in the works).

I made a mental note to suggest a subtitle feature, but it seems even that exists already! Overall this feels like a thoroughly well-made game, with even some entertaining Lorum Ipsum text to fill in black spaces, the unusual black dragon as main character (reminds me of all great times I've had with Spyro), slick interfaces and dynamic landscapes full of crisp pixel detail. An ambient melody of melancholy plays in the background and pushes me on with my adventure. It's easy to get started and easy to get hooked, I love it! Though, the only notice that it's a WIP is the one I find in the game, I wonder how much is left before the final build? How limited is this edition? Looks very promising thus far!


CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks so much and super appreciated. We have scoped out the entire game at this point and are looking at a late 2017 release date. As we have a unique story we want to tell and a lot of branching character development with the companions. Our current timeline looks something like this.

Pre-Alpha 2.0 - Reworked public demo based on user feedback
Alpha - Hoping to use an early access program like Steam at this point
Beta - Fully playable
Release Candidate - Final bug hunt

I played it but it was just OK at this point. The keyboard controls are annoying. "A" should be jump and climb. Don't say doing that causes issues. No it doesn't. Countless people have figured it out. The voice over is much too low and booming. I had to keep cranking up the volume to listen to then have to turn it back down everything else was then too loud.

Other than that, awesome graphics, story lines seem interesting and engaging.

Going to have to stop though since I have no interest in playing a demo.

Is there a twitter account or email list we can get on for announcements of a final product?

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for the kind words.

A new custom keyboard input system is coming next week (screenshot below) and we're hoping to redo ladders at some point. They work for now, but we know they aren't perfect.

For voiceover we need to add volume controls for narration, sound fx, ect. As it sounds fine on our systems, but different audio hardware / speakers can require different volume configs.

Our twitter is @Clever_Crow and you can signup for our mailing list at http://playadnc.com/


Great demo. I like it so far but how do you save?

CleverCrowGames responds:

Sadly we couldn't include saves because of internet security restrictions. But we do have a save system setup in the game already.