Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

I love the graphics, the music, the storyline, the gameplay, all in all a pretty stellar game. My only comment is why would a dragon have a sword? Wouldn't it make more sense if it used its claws or something? Just an idea.

This game was great. :) I played it a long time ago but I want to make a review if I haven't already. ^^;

The different options in dialogue reminds me of Telltale Games type of stuff. ^^; I really like that. :)

Is the full game going to be on Steam or something? :? I'd love to see more. :)

I remember this game being hard though and dying too easily...

Everything about this game was great! I love the simplistic but really beautiful and well done graphics, the gameplay is awesome, the story seems interesting, and you get to play as a dragon! Like I said, everything about it seems great. I would definitely buy this on Steam, I'll be following it's progress. Good luck!

Sad it's a demo but all around pretty cool, oh and for anyone having the Chrome issue just go to "chrome:(Double forward slash)flags" and enable NPAPI, then say relaunch now (this will close your Chrome for a sec) and in the corner of the game page (in the search bar) there will be a puzzle piece with an X click that and say "Enable on" and there you go it should work...

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thx. The NPAPI issues with Chrome have been a huge downer for us. Because of that we've decided to abandon the Web Player and just do native builds (which run a lot better and are significantly less buggy).

Cette démo est très bien, mais elle a de nombreux bugs, et je n'ai vu aucun moyen de sauvegarder. Je n'ai vu également aucun moyen de mettre le jeu en pause.

CleverCrowGames responds:

You can pause the game by pressing escape. There are some bugs as this is a pre-alpha. Our goal with pre-alpha 2.0 is to stabilize the code base. Saving is underway. Saving is in the works (takes a lot of work to get it fully working). You can see an example of the save system here https://twitter.com/AshBlueWD/status/619988962791165953/photo/1