Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

I really wish there were more features to explore, like skills. i REALLY wish there was a better tutorial because after i discovered the basic controls, i had no idea of combos or other stuff; it was all and error. a comment below mentioned healing items because for me, i could not figure out how to heal and it frustrated me taking so much damage at points and having to restart the area... if i had the chance to try combos and skills and just a better idea of controls, i would be a bit more interested and excited. Overall, it looks fun and it's an interesting concept. i see a lot of potential and i hope to see more in the future, thanks!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Well we wanted a large portion of the game to be discovery based (mainly in the vein of Super Metroid). With that can come frustration, but also extremely rewarding experiences.

Ran out of time to add in healing potions. Its a pretty cool system and its complete, needs some polish though. Video of how potions work on our dev blog at https://youtu.be/xLR3E9-d92M?t=35s We're working on adding another checkpoint though to alleviate some of the death walk penalty in the demo (its total overkill right now).

Hard to include a tutorial since this demo takes place part-way through the game (but I understand the pain). Also combat is getting a big overhaul.

I was surprisedat how easily i got into this. Started playing and before i knew i got the demo memo at the end.

I needed alot of time to get used to the controls. I feel like using the 'wasd' keys to move and jump would be way more practical. Just switching the functions of the jumping key and looting key would solve it. I am able to differentiate the use of the wasd keys depending of the game. Like a first person shooter the 'w' key will most likely be walking forward and 'space' key will indeed be jumping. With platformer type games however movement (in any direction) is nearly always done using the 'wasd' keys.

The art did fit the concept and overall atmosphere very well. However it felt like i was was playing as some kind of gerbil, and not so much as a dragon. Combat wise there is something about the sword attack that feels off. As far as i can notice the hit area of the sword is fine. Maybe something with timing, if the sword slashes faster (less screen time). Can't put my finger on it.

Hope that it was at least somewhat useful. I really like to see how it turns out.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, every bit counts as we're in a collection phase.

So many people on Newgrounds have mentioned they wanted to rebind keys or didn't like the layout. I'm going to look into doing this in the menu. Although I can't make any promises it will make it in depending on other content and time limitations.

Combat is currently being revised. Coal is actually a crippled dragon so he does look a bit different than what you would think. At the same time his graphics / animations will probably need multiple passes before we finalize him.

This was a great game! I admit that I wasn't too interested in it at first, but it certainly got better! I really appreciated the graphics. Are you the same guy who made that fox game? It certainly seems similar. The music was just perfect too.

I'm glad I could slowly figure out everything. I knew I'd have to fight those guys eventually. It really is an interesting story. My only complaint is that you fight with the mouse. You should have been able to do that with the keyboard.

CleverCrowGames responds:

First off thank you for thinking of us in relation to what sounds like another game you like. Actually this is our first major title, although some of us have worked on small indie / commercial games in the past.

Start of the game is a little rough, as this demo takes place a couple hours into the game. You can fight with keyboard via x, c, and arrow keys. Although we recommend a gamepad.

Excellent game. The action is a little too fast paced and could be slowed just a hair and the narrator needs to be a little clearer or a bit louder. I don't know what the things I was picking up were doing but if I played a little longer I guess I would find out. I like the fact that this uses a gamepad that's always better than keyboard controls.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks, we tried to roll this game with gamepad first in mind. Subtitles are coming for narration. For combat some big revisions will be implemented in our alpha build.

Right now inventory items are mainly just for lore (esc or start on a controller to access). You pick up crafting components, but there is no crafting station in the demo. We left it out due to polishing concerns.

It's a very interesting concept you have here! The main issue is the dialogue for me..... There can be much improvement. So far, the characters either seem one sided or the dialogue is just.... un-natural. Also, no offense, but when the emote was used in the first few liens of dialogue, it took me almost instantly out of the immersion. I can feel more of a dark-souls vibe via asethic wise then anything else.... Since you already have a gloomy world, I'd stick with it. Humor of course can be added in, but be very careful with it. Reading other comments, you are seeming to aim for a dark world.... In other games, sorry that I'm referring to dark souls again, Seigymer and Solarie are somewhat of comic relief, but kinda insane and have an interesting tale in their own right.... And all the time, the little laughs they have, in context, are more out of self-encouragement then actual happiness. Apart from that, the combat could use some work, dealing with some way to protect yourself rather then jump, use skills, jump, use skills.... Hope this helps!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks for the really good feedback. As we talk about Dark Souls a lot so this is in the vein of our inspirations. Although we are going for a slightly more Dragon Age route and not as sullen.

Yeah dialogue kept getting put on the backburner for the cutscene particularly (we made some mistakes there). We're sitting down tomorrow to try and rework the current cutscene convo and looking atm for an editor to help us with dialogue.

We are already working on combat revisions for the alpha, as combat is another thing that didn't get much polish before our demo deadline. Some cool plans in the works here that will hopefully be showable for our Kickstarter.