Reviews for "A Dragon Named Coal"

Amazing! The amount of detail is insane. You being able to move the lights, leaves falling from trees, being able to extinguish fire and re-light it again. Would love the full version! It's the promise of a nice rpg.

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thanks gogega. The togglable lights play into puzzles later in dungeons. But we haven't shown any of that to the public quite yet.

this is great, but the dialogue and the intro moved too slow. u should think about adding a control to skip through this stuff

CleverCrowGames responds:

Hit escape on your keyboard to skip cutscenes. Intro screens will be skippable at some point.

Beautiful game! can't wait for the full version...
Love the environment. and the characters. and the music!!
Control list would be nice.. but i'm sure it'll be there soon.

Good luck mate! that's gonna be delicious daaium

CleverCrowGames responds:

Thank you :) Will pass on your kind words to the team.

Hmm. Deep. Involving. I love the mechanics & music to by the way. But you can't really play without leveling up, in which that screen isn't included. This will be a fine game once you finish it!

CleverCrowGames responds:

Actually re-drafting abilities for the 3x time. Want to make sure they aren't useless and have an impact on Coal.

I want to play this game in it's entirety when it comes out so badly. If you want you could give my (sick day) flash spotlight of this game a look.


That music. ;P Delicious

CleverCrowGames responds:

Sorry you got the background bleed bug. We just fixed that in a patch probably going out this weekend. Also planning on expanding the negotiation conversation with Char to let you change the amount owed to more or less. Video was awesome though and we enjoyed watching it :D

PS Hope you feel better soon