Reviews for "Windows Beat"

Original, awsome...

Only one word for you.



why didnt u give this 10/10?! even tho u think that u heard a windows song u must have liked this or your ears are blown out. Next time give constructive critiscm or dont say that its bad...

Anyways this is really good u must have worked REAAAALLLY HARD on this. Normaly i sont favorite audio but u got my vote!! I'd like to hear more from you with different window beats and what not.

5/5 all the way



And im not taling about the game to think of something so random as this and make it into a great beat is genius i give it all my votes!


that is so cool!
im actually going to cut the first 10 seconds out and use it as my boot up sound!

So awesome

Dude, this should play in the splash screen when you logon.! like when you click your user name, this plays lol