Reviews for "Windows Beat"

even better then that other one

this is better then the one in that old famous flash video/


do you have a xp?I don't, i have a windows 7

Those who are inferior to one's talent need to GTF

OFF! I am seriously tired of these damn individuals stealing other people's work because they are too lazy to come up with their own. Every human has a gift, but not every human can acknowledge their true self being. It's sad really. People need to stop fearing for who they are and letting people judge them. If you work hard enough you will see what I mean instead of being a rat hiding in the dark like every other imbecile out there.. (Good song, like really good. Usually short reviews by me = next to perfect - perfect song but.. I am tired of these cockroaches that can't accept one's hard work. :/)
~Akumin Beast~ (>->)

i love this song,i can just replay it 4 hours

it is awesome!

love this beet

this song is coooollll??