Reviews for "Windows Beat"


I'd dance to it. This is very original, and I must say I wish I'd thought of it.

Could be better

this wasnt so bad, but i could only listen to it once or twice, i must admit it did get a little annoying i actually heard a remixed windows beat that was sick wit it, and this one doesnt stand up to the test, not hatin on ya dude, just sayin you can do better!

Your peak is showing.

No really, just listen to the start of the song. Drum beat was annoying, hated the high hat, you used the same windows sound over and over and over, it was not very original, and that synth was terribly generic/crappy , then you bring it to the windows log out sound... which also peaks. I probably wouldn't be so critical of it had it not placed #1 this week.


thats good stuff fo' sho'


fo sho gangsta