Reviews for "Awesome Conquest"

Awesome game! I loved it... I had to play until i finished it. I agree that the game play can get a little boring, but that only happens after you get the idea of what you need to do.
Simple and elegant... no bugs that i could see...
The fights are cool, but the hand of god graphics can be misleading :)... the hand looks more like a.... (do not know if intended).
It is exactly what i am expecting from a browser game.

Nice and OP game. Like it. Sometime's i just wanna play something simple. Not only tough games. Best in it's genre 10/10

Not a very satisfying game, to say the least. I never felt like I was actually fighting a battle, managing troops, or anything at all. I just felt like I was playing an idle where I chipped away at armies with spells every now and then, and for an idle game, it's not very satisfying as a gold income specialized build can cap out everything by the end of each day.

lol a nice game and then, hand of god looks like some kids dick ... how can u do this for pegi 5 games? baffles me lol

not a christian