Reviews for "Awesome Conquest"

Very nice game, I've played it through twice this far!

I just wish there was more buildings/units and more battles.

really fun

i had several complaints going through and each one was eventually resolved by some upgrade or just getting up to some level of income. in the end i just wish it was longer and had more buildings.

would be nice to be able to revive units that died on the battlefield but that's debatable

Great game! The game dynamic is pretty simple and honestly a little bland, but it was just the right length to hold my interest until the end.

awesome game bruhh
took me around 1 hour
and 22 days

This game was pretty good. What I didn't like was how you just let the game play itself for awhile. I know I should like that, but I don't. It's hard to tell what's coming up. There was quite a bit going on. I still appreciate most of it.

I especially like the music. The designs weren't bad, but they were a little too cartoonish. At least the sounds were nice. I wish you could have had more players. It seemed harder to beat levels with only four at a time.