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Reviews for "Awesome Conquest"

Much too idle, terrible mechanics, but at least the execution was okay-ish.
The main problems are:

The upgrade mechanics and balancing suck
I focused all of my first upgrades into gold per reflex, which turned out to be by far the best option, as I quickly ended up with more gold than I could spend. However, even then, my armies were getting pummeled to death as they remained rather weak even at level 10 upgrades.
Getting military upgrades did little to nothing about this issue as they were almost equally weak.

Unsatisfying battle mechanics.
Are you going to throw an army into a fiery pit of death, or simple throw your spells and retreat? The armies were always so overwhelmed that they'd get murdered in an instant if they were to actually fight, apart from a few moments near the end where you would have a full army of axemen which were capable of surviving for a few moments.
The concept of retreating to avoid loss is an okay mechanic in the early stages, but falls flat near the end. However, as there is hardly any real loss factor as the army makes almost no difference in the first place, so all of this can be disregarded. In the end, the key to winning this game is to throw the 3 of the 5 spells that are effective, flee, rinse and repeat.

Not a very satisfying game, to say the least. I never felt like I was actually fighting a battle, managing troops, or anything at all. I just felt like I was playing an idle where I chipped away at armies with spells every now and then, and for an idle game, it's not very satisfying as a gold income specialized build can cap out everything by the end of each day.

The champion medal only counts for soldiers, not monks or miners.

Make sure you overwork your miners. If I had known that sooner, I might've been able to get the 35 day medal.

Overall, this game feels like a waste of time. Too much needless clicking, not enough hotkeys or auto-actions. It's all about clicking retreat at just the right time, and finding that you're always clicking a split second too late.

A pretty fun game, if a bit easy. My only real complaint is that the Champion medal won't unlock.

3.5/5 Overall not bad few quirks that bugged me to no end though.

First thing that bugged me to almost no end.
You shouldn't have to win a battle upgrade the tower, only to have to go win another battle to unlock the troop or spell or boost Etc. You're already putting in the work to get the thing to be able to BE upgraded, now you're adding double costs to things which can put strain on a player more late game as you may of picked a far less optimal setting without knowing.

Unit levels
Battle Units: This just doesn't seem to do much really or at least it didn't feel like it as I got further in a rank 10 unit still craps out almost as fast as a rank 3 unit. At rank 10 you should be creme of the crop able to handle quite a lot, though I felt like they just puttered out quite fast.

Having a retreat all button is a grand thing indeed and can be quite useful.
Problem comes in the form of having to click on each individual unit who is dying to retreat them before you lose a rank 10 or 5 etc and then you're at bare bottom again. Basically have a Low HP retreat button. Set it to 5 or something and all who are at it will leave auto with it's click.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. If I want to overwork my units, don't make me have to do it each and every single time I come back into the town. Keep them on overworked unless told otherwise it really slows down the pace and gets annoying having to click on each unit and click overworked while trying to make sure they heal and have spells etc.

The builder
Is there really a point to this dude being past level 5? At that point you build with plenty of time left to do things and yet he goes to level 10...Seems like a bit of a waste, perhaps some kind of passive boost to things when he gets level 10 to make it actually worth the investment?

Why are tsunami and tornado seemingly useless? Lightning you see results right away and it's animation is fast to the point allows you to keep going. Hand of god a little slower to boot up but still highly effective in quashing enemies, Meteor is the middle ground animation but it keeps going without you needing to do anything. Tornado and Tsunami on the other hand are slow...Don't see much result and overall are eh. Yet they cost to pick them up(refer to cost issues in above)

Those flaws aside, it's a pretty fun entertaining game. It last enough to keep attention through a playthrough of it or in my case most of a playthrough. With those fixes, i'd easily play it again and all the way through multiple times.

Yeah, sure.. "hand" of God.
Great game! 60 second upgrade was unique. Could be expanded upon!