Reviews for "Awesome Conquest"

well done, overall enjoyable.
needs two things in hindsight

1. longer missions/story line
2. more expansion on base

Very addictive game. I started playing, then I looked at the clock and it had already been an hour. Got all the way through this in one sitting.


Not a very satisfying game, to say the least. I never felt like I was actually fighting a battle, managing troops, or anything at all. I just felt like I was playing an idle where I chipped away at armies with spells every now and then, and for an idle game, it's not very satisfying as a gold income specialized build can cap out everything by the end of each day.

I'm really digging this game. I usually write a more in depth review, but you have your bases pretty covered here. The one thing I'd like to see I guess is a way to, once you have all your stuff done in "town" before the battle, a button or way to start the battle. I understand that you might get enough gold mined while waiting for the battle to start to get a last second unit or something purchased, but the option to speed up would be cool :) Looking forward to a sequel!