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Reviews for "Blue Stick Slaughter"

The movie lacks a polished look and the resulting movie mediocre stick figure battle.

It's an interesting first movie but future stick movies can be a lot more polished.

Stick figure movies can potentially look polished with a few subtle additions to the drawings.

The stick figures are faceless characters and were simply only distinct by color.

Drawing faces on your sticks will give them much needed personality.

You can easily draw extremely expressive faces onto stick figures and will make this movie a bit more distinct.

I've used hand painted backgrounds in one of the dailytoons to help create a more polished look.

Simple additions to the graphics can make a surprising difference on any flash movie.

I created stick figure movies on an alt account and do simple things to make better looking stick movies.

Faces on stick figures make a surprising difference and most people take it for granted until the faces are gone.

If you have a simple to execute idea on ways to make your movie look better than do it.

I look forward to your new stick figure movies.

Make more.