Reviews for "The Comet's Calling"

ITS SOOOO CUTE ^o^ I had fun playing this.

Very simple, yet kind of sweet. Yeah, it's a little childish, but we all need something like this once in a while. Also brought back a lot of memories of older flash games. Loved the goofiness of the characters. The ending was kind of abrupt though, i expected a loop of everyone running around crazy. I would definetly let my children, who i'll never have, play this game. The only thing i can whine about is the quality of the grapihcs and animations, but honestly i find it fitting. Also, i thougth the horn on the dragon was it's eye, for like half the game. ALSO, as someone noted already, there is an inevitable dog attack on some level i don't remember anymore, bug maybe (didn't choke once)? Music is simply outstanding, great work!

A very unique group of characters..fun game!

A nice, little cute game.

A Unicorn fox a dragon and a ....Thing on adventure to do cute things.

Why not?

Xanadu32 responds:

Why not indeedie~

Thanks for playing ^w^